TribeMeet UK 2018

If I were still in Stirling, then Edinburgh would be great.

As it is, I'll have to be non-committal until there are some details. Middle of the country (UK or England?) could still be quite a trek from the south coast, especially since all the trains seem to go through either London or Birmingham.
It looks like it would be under $800 CDN for a round trip flight... how much did the weekend tend to cost people this last time around? If all other expenses are, how should I say, dirtbagged by comparison, that flight might be an expense I could justify eating. Heartbreaking to leave Canada during ski season but could be a fairly affordable (I can't fly home to visit my parents for any cheaper than that) way to come visit the UK and get some Yak related gaming in :coffee::love:
I think we called it about £18 for the room and lunch each day (subway :) ) with dinner something you sort out yourself. Hotel prices vary dramatically depending on how far in advance we can book them, full price on the day was around £100 per night but if you were to book them now I have seen £48 on trivago. Also if you don't mind sharing with a weirdo off the internet it's generally the same sort of price for a twin room so you could split the costs down even further.
You are like an unstoppable necro train wreck! Awesome stuff dude.
And if clockwork's bringing some terrain it'll attract players like flies to the proverbial excrement. I will try to get there, family and work permitting...
I imagine the new necro will feature, assuming it's good. It'll be hard for us vets to let go of the NCE though...
Keep it up dude, but try to take a rest for at least 5 minutes every day!
If all other expenses are, how should I say, dirtbagged by comparison, that flight might be an expense I could justify eating

Mate, if you're going to come across the pond... I'll cover your hotel.

For us geographically challenged... is the midlands around Birmingham right? Thats day trip distance for me :)
The 14th it is! Lol if anybody gets permission for Valentine's Day make sure you marry her :)
I will get away with that. Thankfully Mrs Tiny doesn't go in for the whole valentine's day rubbish. She gets treated like a princess every day of the year anyway. :LOL:

That said, 17th Feb is her birthday so that weekend would be a definite no-go for me on pain of organ removal. I vote 10-11th or 23-24th. :ROFLMAO:
Well geez @spafe/@ClockworkOrange, thats warm felt incentive :LOL:

I think based on the timing proximity of these last two that this could be a twice annual type thing. Spring and fall could become a good format, although I may just be saying this because while it would be hard to make it over for a meet up this time around, that I could put some legitimate planning into a trip to the UK in the fall.