TribeMeet UK 2018

Hey, new to Yak (new Necro made me get excited as old Necro was my favourite game so I quickly discovered this great community!)

I have the original but not played in a long long time. Interested in looking at NCE and getting my gaming buddies playing. Definitely interested in the event (both days and would stay in a hotel depending how far North we go) and could potentially get 3 more to join the community and attend.

But with the new version coming I assume you are waiting to play the new game, see how good it is and based on that the community will decide wether they want to continue as is or start playing with the new rules? Has this been discussed yet?

A couple of my gaming buddies have never played so I need to decide if I get them trying NCE now vs new given it is out in a month. They would buy new models and understand 8th edition 40k so easier to get into it Ruth a new game but I'm sure they would play NCE aswell.

I guess this is a long winded way of asking if you foresee this event using both new and NCE or just one or the other so I can engage them all and plan accordingly. I guess we will know more before Christmas.


Anyway, great community, very excited to be a part of the community and so excited to get back into such an awesome game.
I think it'll depend on uptake of the new version. I don't think as a community we can just immediately upload the new rules for everyone - even the new, friendlier GW would likely not take kindly to that! - so if not everybody interested in coming has access to it beforehand I don't think it would be fair to use it, and I think it's a bit unfair to say "you can come, but you need to buy this, this and this".

Plus NCE is the YakTribe baby, so personally I think it would be sensible to use it for now. If uptake for N17 is good then it could be used in the future.

My 2 credits anyway.
I wouldn't have thought for one minute that the community here would simply drop everything for the new version right away.

I was more thinking that there will be a lot of new people joining in November and they will likely only play the new rules and willing to come to the event.

I would think catering for both would be a good opportunity but that's just a view.
Hey vegeta365! Welcome to the tribe from me!
I can confirm that the main event will be NCE and always will be!
I'm almost certain (I keep having SW:A flashbacks!) at least one of us will have a copy of N17 by then, so hopefully there will be demo games happening!
The same goes for gorkamorka and mordheim, if any brave yakman would like to take the time and volunteer to run a table or two, then they are most welcome to put their names forward and I'll create a section in the events box at the beginning of the thread where I'll update info and list all yaks interested in joining your table.

Sorry I can't respond to all you fine yaks rights now, but I will do my best this weekend :)
(I'll also be setting up a Gangs of TribeMeet 2018 thread, so get your creative juices flowing.......just realised how gross that sounds.......eww.......just have an idea ready..... :p:D:LOL:)
Sorry for the radio silence chaps, iv got school holidays next week so I'll be chasing up some leads!
I'm going to provisionally say that it will be on the weekend of Saturday the 24th and Sunday the 25th of Febuary 2018, and will be held at Nottingham.
I'll update the first post and hopefully have some fluff by the end of next week :)
Is anyone by any chance planning to go to Nottingham via Stansted airport? :whistle:
Thanks for the offer @Ned Noodle - but 314 euros for a flight (a 3.5 hour long one, that takes me via Dublin) is way beyond my willingness-to-pay range :eek:
@spafe - Luton is actually a (slightly) better option than Stansted. Would it be convenient to get a lift with you from there to Nottingham?
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I can certainly say I'll be happy to... once the wife agrees to my pass. However, I think I'll only be going for a day, rather than the entire weekend (the sat), so if you're returning on the same day (you nutter!) then I can provide transport both ways... otherwise getting back might be a problem...

Let me see what the temprement of Mrs Spafe is over the weekend and see what sort of pass I can russle up.

edit: Mrs spafe seems in a good mood so I've fired the question via email to strike while the iron is in a cheery mood! hopefully some form of responce soon.
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Thanks @spafe - that's awesome! Why would you only go for one day though? (I am sure I can get a train or something, but why would you want to miss out on the rest of the weekend?)
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