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TribeMeet 2020 is a gathering of nerds and enthusiasts of all things Necromunda for a weekend of action-packed gaming among friends (11th&12th September 2021)! The campaign will accommodate both the Community Edition (NCE) and Newcromunda (N18) rules, so bring whichever gang strikes your fancy. The story follows on from the massive success of TribeMeet 2019, this time at a bigger and better venue at the Newark Showground, NG24 2NY, UK.

The Kickstarter is now live!
Tickets sold fast last year, so don't miss out.

If you want to keep up with developments, keep checking this space, or sign up for the newsletter by e-mailing "Sign me up" to

Happy gamers at TribeMeet 2019:


Some Fluff:

“The revolt of Fury’s Rest is over. The authorities have fled. The doors are sealed. The population has overcome?

Don’t count on it.

Not ones to let a little thing like a popular revolt slide, the hive authorities have demanded the Guild of Sanitation open the valves... there’s a flood coming.

Food shortages in the sealed dome take hold, violence increases. As the waters begin to creep up, mad tales abound of a lost drilling machine that could drain the dome - or is it the grand tower that brushes the dome roof that offers escape? Crazy babblings about a tribe of mutant rats taking people, and fantastical monsters appearing from the rising sumpwater. It’s time for the quick and the smart to float, climb and fight their way to the top - if not... well, there’s plenty of room for them in Davy Jones’ locker.

Do you have what it takes to survive the flood?

In other media:

Want to listen to some interviews from this years event? Check this out:

We listened to the feedback and made next years event a joint NCE/N18 due to popular demand.

Legal Stuff

The organisers aren’t doing this for a profit, all money raised goes towards the hall, terrain, rule packs and prizes. Anything left over is kept for the next event and even the organising committee pay their ticket price.

In the very unlikely event that anything you bring to the event is stolen or damaged, this includes models and scenery but is not limited to, this is at your own risk. The organisers accept no liability.
The TribeMeet 2020 preliminary rules packs for the NCE and N18 campaigns!

Containing such marvelous things as:
- Gang creation
- Campaign outline
- Ships
- Random sump waters
- Swimming

These should be enough for everyone to get their gang and ships prepared for the event. The full campaign book will be available closer to the date as a PDF, and a physical copy given to all upon arrival at the venue.

The latest (2019) editions of the NCE and OCE rulebooks are available for download. If the 2020 versions get released in the meantime, they will be used instead. Keep an eye on this thread for updates form @Tiny.

For N18, you should only need the first two books (Rulebook, and Gangs of the Underhive). If you want to play one of the allowed non-house gangs, bring the associated book as well. Any official FAQs that GW has released, or releases in the meantime, will be used. Other than that, the campaign rules will be in our booklet.

If you have any questions, post them here for @undertaker (NCE) or @Matt Spencer (N18) to answer. Be reasonable with regards to N18 please! We know the rulebooks are full of holes and contradictions, and we have no intention of re-writing the whole lot. Unless you think a particular rules problem is going to occur a lot in the two days, you can probably agree most things with your opponent as it comes up. And remember, the Great Yak smiles upon those that are generous to their foe. :D


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Just off the A1 and within 10 minutes taxi ride of Newark Train station and the East Coast Mainline, Newark Showground has excellent transport links to the rest of the country.

We have hired the Sheldon Suite and Stuart Goodwin Pavilion from 17:00 on the 10th September till late on the 12th.


Nearby Accommodation

Accommodation is not provided as part of the ticket price, however the nearest hotel is approx 10 minutes drive from the Showground:



Food is not provided as part of the ticket price although there are many local eateries nearby:



Camping on site next to the event hall has been ruled out this year - apologies!
Official Table Providers List - Eek 26 to Fill!!!!

1) @ClockworkOrange - Trollholme - Confirmed
2) @ClockworkOrange - Sump Seas - Confirmed
3) @RonBSM
4) @RonBSM
5) @Fat Charlie - Confirmed
6) @Fat Charlie - Confirmed
7) @Fat Charlie - Confirmed
8) @Fat Charlie - Confirmed
9) @Fat Charlie - Confirmed
10) @Fat Charlie - Confirmed
11) @Tiny - Confirmed
12) @Tiny - Confirmed
13) @Tiny - Sump Seas - Confirmed
14) @ClockworkOrange - Original Necro Cardboard Board - Confirmed
15) @MancInventor - Infinity Cardboard Board - Confirmed
16) @Karandrassh - 2D/3D Zone Mortalis board - Confirmed
17) @Ironslag69 Attending table to be confirmed
18) @spafe 3d board - Confirmed
19) @spafe 2d board - Confirmed
20) @spafe Zone Mortalis - Confirmed
21) @The Tailor - Cave Board - Confirmed
22) @The Tailor - City Board - Confirmed
23) @The Tailor - Sump Seas - Confirmed
24) @undertaker / Matt Spencer - Confirmed
25) @radulykan - Metromorph Board - Confirmed
26) @DarkNwss - 2D N18 board - Attending table to be confirmed

THUNDERCUBE Table by @MancInventor

Also available if required / reserve

@Fat Charlie - 4 2D boards and 2 space hulk boards
@Tiny - 2 2D boards.
@spafe - 1 set of knackered original card and bulkheads
@ClockworkOrange - Green scenery set
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We did it! I look forward to seeing everyone next September!

Extra bonus - for those of you unsure of building boats, I have attached a PDF for making paper/card StoofSkiffs - simple small boat bases you can use as-is or upgrade to your desires.

There's the Traditional StoofSkiff Lugger Xtreme™ - perfect for transporting up to 6 of your favourite murderers, or the sleek StoofSkiff RapidRaider™ - with ample room for two hardened death-dealers, it it can skip over even the most noxious sump surface at an eye watering speed*.


*Statistics originate from crews who desire 25mm of personal space. Enquire at Totally Honest Derek the Mangler's Reclamation Yard for pricing. Finance available. Your limbs may be forfeit if you fail to keep up repayments. Vessels are NOT BULLETPROOF. Derek the Mangler accepts no responsibility if you or anyone you know is drowned, maimed, eaten, burned, shot, stabbed, choked or otherwise harmed whilst using, riding, piloting or in the general vicinity of a StoofSkiff™.


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Ever wondered what would happen if you attached an air vent fan to a makeshift raft?
New from Wargames Tournaments....


Recent localised flooding has begun to allow all kinds of disgusting mutated fauna up from below.
Be on your guard! Dying from the attentions of a sump horror is NOT a sanctioned demise!

Your obvoius lack of devotion to House Helmawr, the Emperor, and basic sanitation, has allowed this creatre to become a danger to you.
Allowing these impure monstrosities to become such a danger is PUNISHABLE BY TERMINATION.
Handily for the Authorities, the horrors themselves are entirely capable of dispensing the required judgement,
freeing up man-hours for other important and exciting law enforcement opportunities.
Please ensure any and all Imperial or House issue equipment is safely thrown clear before the horror devours/dissolves/implants/[REDACTED]you.

And the Emperor of Mankind

At TribeMeet 2020, the NCE campaign games will run the risk of attracting Sump Horrors to the table. Who would be mad enough to model such a thing? Why you of course!
You build your monster's stats & abilities based on the attached ruleset. Enter it in the event Monster Competition and, as a stroke of luck, why not enter it in YakComp 31, which may as well have been MADE for this event! You can put as little or as much effort in as you like - glue a toy spider to a 60mm cardboard disc, or painstakingly sculpt a nightmarish vision of teeth and tentacles, we'd like everyone to have a go so have made it as broad and open as possible.

Good luck, citizens!


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Cor blimey guvna, those look like some amazingly well thought out, proper balanced and well play tested monster rules! :)
@Punktaku yep, those lovely gribblies would fit right in, all the way down to the hand flamer template breath attack, we have tried to incorporate just about anything people might have in their collection.
To all attendees, think yourself lucky I wasn’t given free reign on these rules, they are considerably less deadly than my first draft :) feel free to thank/berate the rest of the committee dependent on your views on “forging a humorous narrative” :)
Grex & Denga: Part 1

The dripping was starting to get to Grex. Growing up deep in the hive made him used to all manner of constant background racket. Even the quietest night cycle was marred by a constand low hum of distant machinery, people bustling in the streets and, more recently, sporadic gunfire. This was different though. This noise was new and constant - he'd been hearing it for hours now as he lay trying to forget how hungry he was.

Plip... plip... plip... plip...

He dragged himself from the stained mattress that served as his bed in the half-ruined hab block. He was sure it was a dripping pipe, but he knew that the water supply to this block had been shut off for as long as he'd known it. He grabbed his autogun and hefted it onto his shoulder with a grunt. It was heavy. It didn't used to seem heavy. He caught sight of himself in a broken pane of glass. Instead of the muscular youth of a newly initiated gang member, a ragged, wiry and scarred spectre stared back at him, wearing the flak vest and trousers of a larger man. He looked like shit. But at least he was alive - unlike two thirds of the Ratchet Crazies gang.

He stepped from the room, over the curled up form of one of the Juves sleeping restlessly in the corridor. He was meant to be guarding Grex whilst he slept. Grex considered kicking him awake for a second, and decided against it - the kid could rest.

He listened instead.

Up. The noise was definitely coming from above. He walked along the partially collapsed floor with practiced precision, avoiding by instinct the boards and joists which would plunge him to the floors below. A wobbly, rusted ladder with various rungs missing and sketchy fastenings to the wall led upwards towards the roof. It groaned under his weight as he slung the autogun and began to climb as smoothly as possible.

Plip... plip... plip...

Andro, the lookout on the floor above, peered over his shoulder as Grex climbed.

"Hey Boss, nothin' much goin' on. Goin' for a look-see?"

Grex just grunted and kept climbing. Boss. Grex was new to the gang only a few months ago. Andro was an even newer recruit - but still looked like a grizzled veteran now.

Another floor up and the ladder got very shaky, another and it was abruptly truncated by the telltale half-melted, half-burned impact of a lascannon shot that had come right through the exterior of the hab. Part of the wall above had collapsed into the street, and whilst the ladder continued to hang temptingly a few feet above the hole, Grex knew it was only held in place with two or three rusted bolts.

Plip... plip... plip...

It was getting louder. And definitely coming from what was left of the roof. Grex looked around. He'd never tried to get up there. This was the tallest building still standing in the immediate vicinity, and the upper floors provided a commanding view without having to get all the way to the top. He very carefully made his way along the corridor. Fire had ravaged this floor and the one above. He wondered if it had been caused by the lascannon shot as he made his way along, trying to stick to corners and edges where the floor should be stronger. The rooms, where they weren't open to the outside or completely lacking a floor, were bare - long since looted. Towards the end of the corridor he found what he was looking for - a large section of exterior wall was gone and part of the floor above had fallen in, leaving a steep ramp he could clamber up to the floor above, and slightly further along the roof had collapsed into the building leaving a manageable climb to the very top of the building.

Here, effectively outside and beyond the reach of any long since gone cleaning units, everything was covered with a two inch thick accumulation of chemical dust and ash. It floated up as he tried to find handholds to climb with, and irritated his lungs, causing him to cough which kicked up yet more ancient dust. He pulled his bandana down over his mouth with a dusty hand, filtering out the worst of it.

"This place needs a bloody good wash" he muttered to himself as he slowly crawled up. He'd heard of high class domes where they periodically turned on overhead sprinklers to clean the buildings and streets. The thought of wasting that much water appalled him, but he had known a scummer from a higher dome who swore he'd lived under one of the swanky zones in a town called Sky Springs - every few weeks a deluge of dirty water would pour into the settlement and they'd try to capture and filter enough of it as possible to sell on. It would bring with it the occasional credit token or piece of lost jewellery. The scummer had an earring fashioned from a dainty gold ring set with a ruby he'd purportedly pulled from a filter in his youth.

"No such bloody luck" Grex groaned as he hauled himself the last precarious few feet to the rooftop. He looked around. The roof was festooned with long-dead air scrubbers, a broken crane derrick, a rusted water storage tank and dust, lots of dust. The dripping was coming from the water tank. As Grex moved towards it, he found the roof was disconcertingly springy underfoot. He could just see that it bowed inwards towards the water tank at the centre. Could it still have water in it? Perhaps it was only just rusting through and dripping onto the roof.

He very carefully crawled forwards on his hands and knees to distribute his weight, leaving a snail trail of disturbed ash behind him. Now that he was closer, he realised why he could hear the sound of the dripping four floors below - the drip was coming from above, and landing in the water tank, which amplified the sound like a large drum. He could now see where the fluid had subsequently dripped from the holed tank onto the ash, darkening it with moisture. He briefly wondered how much heavier wet ash was than dry ash, and whether his guys would have to find a new bolthole before the roof collapsed completely - he was reasonably sure if it did the heavy metal water tank would take an express ride to the ground floor taking everything in its path with it.

He made it to the tank, and looked in through a rust hole. The top of it was open. He peered up, trying to discern detail in the distant blackness of the dome roof. The dome lighting wasn't functioning directly above, but lights were working to the left and right of him, making it impossible to see the concrete and pipework he knew was above him.

He caught a glimpse of a glimmer of light and managed to focus on the tiny star. Plip. The drip fell and landed in the tank, making it vibrate slightly.

Then another - Plip.

He carfully hauled himself into the tank through the hole and towards the impact point. The tank shuddered and rumbled like an oil drum with his movements. Plip. The drip landed right in front of him. They'd carved a perfect little circle of bare metal in the ash as they fell, and washed a small rivulet towards where it subsequently fell to the roof. He couldn't see any extra corrosion, and risked holding his hand out to catch the next drip. The large heavy drip didn't burn. He used the next couple to roughly clean his grubby hands. Now the risky part, he thought - cupping his palm he allowed a dozen drips to accumulate into a little pool.

He pulled down his bandana from his nose and mouth, and tentatively sniffed the fluid. It didn't seem to have a smell beyond the rust, ash and recycled air of his immediate environment. Very carefully, he dipped his tongue in it. Then took a sip. He spat it out immediately - it tasted like stale spit and acid burps. He knew of only one thing that tasted like that. Clean water. He was tasting his own foul mouth as it washed his numbed taste buds clean.

He took a bigger sip and swilled out his mouth, spitting again, before trying more.

It wasn't quite pure. There was a chlorine tinge to it, with a hint of iron, but it was the cleanest fluid he'd drank for a long time. He waited a while, allowing more to accumulate in his hands, and took a more refreshing drink of the lukewarm water.

He smiled - hunger was a killer, but thirst would get you quicker. This could keep some of the guys alive, and he could probably trade it for food, if only it fell a little faster and he could figure a way to collect it. He was just contemplating getting a couple of gangers to start shovelling the worst of the heavy ash from the weakened roof when he realised something... the drips were falling faster.


Well, that would help the gathering, but they'd have to hurry before the weight of water accumulated too fast.

The drip became a trickle.

Grex lay down and put his face and mouth under the stream. He couldn't remember his last shower. He looked up as he backed out of the water tank, dripping water from his hair.

"Well, shit" he said, dead pan.

The silver string of the trickle soared up towards the dome roof... where it became a collection of stars... which became a wall of frothing white, dropping fast.


Denga slipped around the corner just in time to see the gang's bolt hole implode. A foaming lance of water punched through from above, right through the building. It shot from the ground floor windows and doors before the lower walls bulged and the building burst open, collapsing into the frothing torrent with a thundering boom.

Denga turned and ran as hard as he could as a wall of rubble filled water pursued him along the alley.