Tribemeet UK 2020 (2021) - Event Details

I’m getting a copy as I forgot last time so I don’t mind getting you one while I’m there. Will ask for cash on the Friday when I’m there and have it in my hand :)

real shame you can’t come but everyone should do what they think is best, I will be there unless there are police in my way and even then I might try a quick duck and cover and crawl through any cordons in the dead of night :)
For anyone that didn't notice the other thread, here is today's announcement:

It’s with heavy hearts that your Tribemeet2020 committee has had to postpone this year’s event due to the unprecedented impact of Coronavirus Covid-19.

Keeping up with the daily changes and attempting to implement mitigation measures has just become too much of a full time job for us. Further we conducted a survey with the last newsletter and it seems that the majority of lucky ticket holding Yaks were unable or unsure whether they could attend…..

Now the good news! The event is still going ahead on the new date of 19th and 20th September 2020. Further if you already have a ticket its not going to cost you anything extra, Newark Show Ground has very kindly offered to let us move to the new date at no additional charge.

Further several of the local hotels have a Coronavirus Covid-19 policy where whilst you can’t get a refund they will let you move the date, so if you already have a hotel booking please contact the hotel ASAP.

We’ll confirm more details as we know them, but if you can’t attend the new date let the committee know ASAP so that your ticket can be put up for sale to others and we can get you a refund.

Love Clockwork 😭
Splendid! Did you find the TribeMeet ship rules?

I certainly did. I have posted up already on my own thread here for my boat design, but here is a cool image of it in TinkerCAD for convenience.

I've printed the engine block, I'm in the middle of doing the sides and water wheels (as pictured) and then I'll get cracking on the body of the barge.

Tinkercad boat design.png
Tinkercad boat sides 2.png

I will definately be ramming someone with this.
TTCombat have just released their mats - including a green water one.

TTCombat have just released their mats - including a green water one.

I could buy this... had I not literally just bought more resin for my boards.... humbug.

Looks ace...
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