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Dec 29, 2012
TribeMeet 2022 is coming!

When? 24th and 25th September 2022.
Where? Newark Showground, NG24 2NY, UK.
How much? £45 per person for 2 days
What extras do I get? Dedicated campaign booklet and Mad Robot event mini!
Can I camp? Yes! This year you can £15 per pitch per night
Ruleset? NCE but we have tables for Newmunda!
Are you excited? YES!

“The revolt of Fury’s Rest was over. The authorities fled. The doors were sealed. The Guild of Sanitation opened the valves to wash away the heresy! The food ran out! The Ratman emerged from the dark! A Squat 🤷‍♂️ mining drill fell from the sky! A Troll king was brutally murdered with a “highly skilled” shot! But despite the best efforts of the Authorities some of the Scum escaped to a new dome. This is your chance to continue the story”

To save on Kickstarter fees we will be selling tickets via our own dedicated event website this year here but please remember to pay as friends and family to avoid charges.

Or contact @ClockworkOrange via DM who will be happy to sell you a ticket or a camping pitch via the OrangeMarket if you dare 🤣

Tickets sell fast so don’t delay!

Up for a gathering of enthusiasts of all things Necromunda for a weekend of action-packed gaming among friends?

The campaign will focus on Community Edition (NCE) rules, but we will also have tables set aside for Newmunda depending on demand and a special dedicated bring whatever you like gaming room if you want a rest from the Hive?!

The story follows on from the massive success of Tribemeets ‘17, ‘18, ‘19 and ‘21!

Jose pushed back the drainage grate and attempted to drag himself into the flashing neon lights. He was in a sorry state, body singed and cut from several running battles with Them, what was left of his clothes covered in sewage, weary limbs exhausted from the long climb from the dank depths. He began to retch and groan, but then he heard the high pitched squeaking again! He dragged himself out and hurriedly pulled the grate back before collapsing to the floor.

Sometime passed before Jose was conscious again. There was a constant racket and neon lights flickered over his face until he awoke to block out the glare with his hands. Where was he? On one artificial horizon he could see a massive stadium, at first he thought it was the source of all the lights and noise “THUNDERCUBE LEAGUE” flashed on the side of a Gravship floating above, suddenly he turned at the roar of a large crowd?! there was another stadium to his left and the fans were chanting “UNION UNION UNION”…….”

That’s right Yakkers this year Tribemeet is going to be THUNDERCUBE themed but we are going to stick to it just being a normal NCE campaign, all you need to do is bring your standard or outlaw gangs and model a Pit Slave fighter to follow them around free of charge. Obviously no self respecting Union or League watching gang in its right mind would go to war withouts its mascot!?

If you want to keep up with developments please keep checking this thread.

Legal Stuff

The organisers aren’t doing this for a profit, all money raised goes towards the hall, terrain, rule packs and prizes. Anything left over is kept for the next event and even the organising committee pay their ticket price.

In the very unlikely event that anything you bring to the event is stolen or damaged, this includes models and scenery but is not limited to, this is at your own risk. The organisers accept no liability.

Useful Links

Event Facebook group

Just off the A1 and within 10 minutes taxi ride of Newark Train station and the East Coast Mainline, Newark Showground has excellent transport links to the rest of the country.


Newark Showground | Events & Conference Centre

Newark Showground hosts the biggest and best events within Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands. Set in 120 acres, the site can host practically any event.

We have hired the Sheldon Suite and Stuart Goodwin Pavilion:

Newark Showground > Sir Stuart Goodwin Pavilion





Camping on site next to the event hall is on this year! Tickets/Pitches are £15 per night and available via contacting @ClockworkOrange via DM or via

Nearby Accommodation

The nearest hotel is approx 10 minutes drive from the Showground, attendees are responsible for booking and paying for their own nearby accommodation.

Newark Hotels | Book Cheap Hotels In Newark | Premier Inn

Our Newark Hotel is ideally located just 5 minutes from Newark Showground. Great for visiting the bustling nearby towns. Book Direct.



Food is not provided as part of the ticket price although there are many local eateries nearby (depending on Ticket sales and any remaining balance we may provide Yakbaps TBC)

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Ticket sales - 34/40 (34/34 Paid)

1) @ClockworkOrange - Paid - TCU
2) @Stoof - Paid - TCL
3) @radulykan - Paid - TCL
4) @Tiny - Paid - TCU
5) @spafe - Paid - TCL
6) @MancInventor - Paid - TCU
7) @Yaksam - Paid via @MancInventor - TCL
8) @Resmire - Paid via @MancInventor - TCU
9) @Edelweiss - Paid via @MancInventor - TCL
10) @Kixz. - Paid via @MancInventor - TCU
11) @CaptainDangerous - Paid - TCL
12) @headcase14 - Paid - TCU
13) @Ironslag69 - Paid - TCL
14) @Ned Noodle - Paid - TCU
15) @Ardavion - Paid - TCL
16) @DarkNwss - Paid - TCU
17) @Sumaki - Paid - TCL
18) @Fat Charlie - Paid - TCU
19) @Fat Charlie Gina - Paid - TCL
20) @Polis - Paid - TCU
21) @Malevolent Pink Cat - Paid - TCL
22) @MusingWarboss - Paid - TCU
23) @SigANM - Paid - TCL - NOT ATTENDING
24) @Tomcat - Paid - TCU
25) @undertaker - Paid - TCL
26) @Solobee - Paid - TCU
27) @Karandrassh - Paid - TCL
28) @Edster - Paid - TCU
29) @Franco - Paid - TCL
30) @Greenthumb - Paid - TCU
31) @Lyndon - Paid - TCL
32) @The Tailor - Paid - TCU
33) @Scavvierising - Paid - TCL
34) @roberto - Paid - TCU
35) Ticket for sale
36) Ticket for sale
37) Ticket for sale
38) Ticket for sale
39) Ticket for sale
40) Ticket for sale

Please note reserved places will be replaced by paying punters as and when we reach 40 tickets Paid / Reserved. Pay now avoid disappointment 🤣.

Camping sales

1) @ClockworkOrange - Reserved
2) @radulykan - Reserved
3) @Ardavion - Paid 2 nights 1 pitch
4) @headcase14 - Reserved
5) @Scavvierising - Paid 2 nights 1 pitch
6) @Stoof - Reserved
7) @Greenthumb - Paid £30 cash to @ClockworkOrange
8) @Karandrassh - 1 Pitch - Reserved
Table Providers list:

1) Sump City @ClockworkOrange
2) Trollholme @ClockworkOrange
3) THUNDERCUBE III @ClockworkOrange
4) ORB Cardstock @ClockworkOrange
5) ORB Cardstock @ClockworkOrange - Reserve
6) Sumpton-Upon-Sump @Tiny
7) Zone Mortalis @Tiny
8) Zone Mortalis @Tiny
9) Metromorph @Stoof - Reserve
10) ORB Cardstock @Stoof - Reserve
11) Metromorph @radulykan
12) The Masterpiece @spafe
13) ORB Cardstock @spafe - Reserve
14) 2D tunnel board @spafe - Reserve
15) Mystery table @MancInventor
16) MDF table @Fat Charlie
17) MurderBrawl @Fat Charlie
18) BS Gothic Core Set @Mad Robot
19) BS Trader Post @Mad Robot - Reserve/Combine with above both 3x3
21) Ruined Hivefreight Depot @MusingWarboss
22) Uber Zone Mortalis @Karandrassh
23) Infinity Ash Wastes @Edster
24) Cyberpunk City @The Tailor
25) Rob’s surprise 3x3 @roberto
26) Unknown @headcase14 and @Ironslag69
27) ZM table @Franco

Main Tables - 20

Reserve Tables - 7 - if you have been marked as reserve please still bring it just in case.

Selection Criteria - except for one ORB Cardstock table, for obvious reasons, painted/handmade/hobbied(?) tables will always take precedence.

Other gaming room:

1) Star Wars Armada @ClockworkOrange
2) Battle Fleet Gothic @Tiny

Please advise what you can bring in the comments below, we need to fill 20 to 25 tables!!
Tribemeet Code of Conduct:

-Respect the enemy crushed under your boot
-Bask in the reflected glory of your conqueror
-The dice gods are fickle, do not get upset when their plans manifest against you
-Violence, threats, or insulting language belong in the hive, not in the room
-Any rules conflicts will be decided by arbitrators
-Arbitrator decisions are final
- Respect the models of others and only touch after being granted permission, and even then treat with great care.
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***Campaign Rules***

***For all other rules see here***

Unless stated in the campaign book, the above rulebooks take precedence. If there’s an error, meh we don’t get paid for this and I’d suggest we do a damn sight better job than certain big manufacturers…..all rules disputes will be resolved by the committee as we see fit.

Love Clockwork
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I wish I lived closer than 8 time zones away... Tribemeet is like the superbowl of Necromunda; and with the new Thundercube, Tribemeet will likely have the better halftime show! Can't wait for the action to trickle out to us distant non-paying hive scum, and can't wait to see all the amazing gangs and terrain!