Tribemeet UK 2022 - Event details

Absolutely loving the event!! This is despite the fact my choice of a mostly CC Gang has led to terrible, terrible losses. May my five dead Gangers rest knowing that their loss was completely... umm... well, we’ll see how Sunday goes.

In other news!! Tomorrow I hear there’s a roaming TV crew looking for a scoop on the gang that fought to the bitter, bitter, end to save... err, their Leaders stash of *ahem* Exotic Magazines...

Played a cagey 2 or 3 hour game of Necromunda and we were the only ones left in the main hall, so at 00:30ish that’s it for the night says I…..meanwhile over in the dedicated other specialist games room 🤣


I’m told 3000pts is a lot for BFG, 3 times the biggest game @Tiny has ever played apparently, no idea but they seem to be having fun!
Half-Price Crazies - End of Day 1.

Gor Half-Price Horn - Leader
They tell him he's in charge, but he hasn't done anything to earn it - close combat specialist, specialising in being pinned and downed before reaching close combat.
Thought for the day: "Why do they shoot back? It's unsporting!"

Thungg - (Very) Heavy
His heavy stubber's fire select is stuck on FULL SEND. A maestro as passing four ammo rolls in a row when unleashing a full six-shot spread from Lil' Suzie.
Thought for the day: "It's only still twitching because you're still putting bullets into it!"

Collum Strocken aka The Slug - Ganger
Spends more time on his face than on his feet. Slithering is his preferred mode of movement.
Thought for the day: "And schloop..." *donk, ow*. "And schloop..." *donk, ow* (makes way down four floors of tower by crawling off the edges)

Loritta Forscale - Ganger
Strength and Toughness of 4, sketchy attendance record.
Thought for the day: "Aaand... Loritta's not coming." (OBW)

Sigrid - Ganger
What he lacks in Ballistic Skill, he makes up for in enthusiasm!
Thought for the day: "Wait, plasma guns have a  low power setting? Why would anyone use that?"

Arnis - Ganger aka Arnis Spyre-Bane, first of his name, Lord of the Manstopper.
Thought for the day: "This is my shotgun. There are many others like it, but this one KILLED A MOTHER*bleeeep*ING SPYRER!"

Bonnie - Ganger
Totally carrying the gang. Slightly resents the idiots around her.
Thought for the day: "So we need to destroy the water still, and get away? A'ight." *aims bolt pistol at extreme range... *BLAMF**... *KAPOW*. "And we just have to leave now, yeah?"

Box-O - Juve
Thought for the day: "It's just a box."

Yolanda - Juve
Catastrophically bad at being a bullet magnet, shot Bonnie in the back of the head by accident. Will never be allowed to live it down.
Thought for the day: "Hah! Once again I have ended up fully concealed, whilst Bonnie is exposed! That's right isn't it?"

Whack-Job - Pit Fighter
One day he'll make it into close combat in a game. One day.
Thought for the day: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh... And we've bottled."

RATING: 1591 after six games.
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Spyrer on Spyrer action?!? That could have some uphive repercussions!
"Honestly Jonas I don't know what's worse...encouraging the 12th in line to the House of Brady to take a bunch of his friends downhive to enter a pit fighting tournament only to see him mauled by some "heir and a spare' b@&ch from the House of Partridge ORRRRRRRRR the fact that you bet the Grox runoff pipeline in Dome 17 on 'One Punch Petey' (so named, dear reader, because he never lasted beyond the first punch landed). I'm going to be fixing those supply line issues for cycles to come while having to listen to Loree Partridge gloat about her damnable niece and all of those 'gredits' coming in from their new pipeline."
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The tragedy of Rockdrill Omega Rockdrill:

Part 1

Captain Clone V, drawn to the bright lights of Newark Dome, calls upon the pit slave university (now submerged) house of Rockdrill Omega Rockdrill, and tips them off about a great source of free protein: Gastons personal butchery/meat locker!
The Captain kinda felt bad about stealing from a friend, especially when it was info obtained in a hot tub sesh….but hey….this is the underhive baby!!!

“come on lads, only the best cuts get used at Gastons!”

“Who dares think they can handle MY meat!?”


Great firing angles mean nothing when big fat bluebottle flys keep landing on ya!

Marty quickly disappears over the edge, a scaly spear firmly stuck in his shoulder!

Micheal discovers hive reknowned chef Marco Pee Hair Shite, slicing some ‘beef’

Nial discovers some workers on their break

Part 1 continues…
Opening day of the DangerDome, home of THUNDERCUBE! League!:

Pitfighter PETE! takes centre spot as the crowd chants….


Blue ‘corner’ takes the initiative and rushes the sacrificial hostage….running straight onto the sacrifices sympathy knife!!…….OOooo!….that’s gotta be embarrassing!

The rest of the contenders move in, as PETE! takes on the behemoth from Green!

Confused by the sacrificial success, a new sacrifice emerges from the pit! Zapan wastes no time in despatching the poor unfortunate souls!

PETE! Ducks the claws, unbalances his opponent, and brings down his hammer….OOOF!

Zapan moves so quick the cameras fail to keep up, but suddenly PETE! and Zapan face off over the blood soaked League insignia!

PETE! takes a beating and earns the crowds respect, they chant “Unbreakable!”