Tribemeet UK 2022 - How to be there by proxy…..


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Oct 31, 2013
Some collective wisdom from the Tribe would be most welcome!
Well the classics would be the yellow/black hazard stripes on the Chainsword and the flamer you could easily do in a muted red - either with a yellow nozzle or a burnt up metal one.

I would be tempted to do the stripes on the sword and then make the flamer a tarnished metal with spot colours of yellow to mirror the sword.

Mr. M

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Aug 1, 2019
San Jose, CA
DONE!!! This is about as good as I can paint... tried to pull out all the stops, and push my limits. So, if he falls flat, gets cold dice, or takes a header off a gantry at least he'll look good doing it! There may be a few details that need a touch-up once I let the paint dry, and look at it again with rested eyes in the morning. In the meantime, got to find a good way to package him for the long trip to the Thundercube! He may look menacing and tough, but I'm guessing against the postal service he'll need all the extra armor I can scrounge up!