TribeMeet UK 2023 - Event details - 23rd & 24th September 2023

Which system are you playing at Tribemeet?

  • NCE

    Votes: 12 52.2%
  • Newmunda

    Votes: 6 26.1%
  • I’ll give both a go

    Votes: 5 21.7%

  • Total voters
@ClockworkOrange making a 3d file of that image wouldn't be too tasking, indeed there are web apps that will do a service job fully automated and for free... Creating a mini head based on that image is an entirely different undertaking and much more time consuming. You may be better off taking the first option. If so I'm more than happy to help. But maybe consider having Yakmeet a *little* but further from Nottingham next time?
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Lol how far are we talking? We all know Nottingham is the spiritual home of Warhammer Pew Pew AND coincidentally the event hall is 25 mins from my house 🤣

PS we’ve made the maddest of the mad @Mad Robot have a bash and he’s been doing a fine job! But that’s super hush hush so don’t tell anyone! Oh bugger…..
Finally just got my ticket sorted. I think I'll leave the spyrers behind this year, only so many outright refusals for a game I can take😃.
However the holy Ordo's of the emporer's inquisition will turn up in an inquisitorial cruiser accompanied by a fleet of the legiones astartes.

its time for the captain to start preparing.
i intend on bringing a tables worth of terrain, which will be ‘Captain’s Catch a Ride Depot’
All five remaining clones will be present in the wastes sporting their new evolved forms.
And if any yak is interested, I wouldn’t mind running a game of Gaslands or two?

plus Tukneel the cyberbadger will be there too!

pics to follow, but what gangs are folks bringing this time round?
CaptainClone 9 goes out into the Wild Wastes to view an abandoned property:

Hmmm, nice view of the Hive!

All the communication systems seem serviceable, wonder where the teleport homer plugs into?

Just got to make sure there’s enough space for all our ‘CATCH A RIDES’ to park up?
Looks great! it might need some cosmetic work, which should lower the price somewhat, but structurally its sound!
Ten space bucks you say?
We‘ll take it!
“where on Munda did you find these ten?”

“It’s amazing What you find in the wastes these days Nine! Thought its about time we got the others out of those battle skirts!”
”it might be a squeeze for Five, getting them jeans on, but I’m sure he’ll be able to rock that waistcoat! Cheers Ten!”
”that’s not all, Iv got a suprise downstairs!”

”Our very own guard squig! Brought him along from Mankfester! Trained to eat Trolls he is!”