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  1. ClockworkOrange

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    Teaser for the big event;

    No more details will be confirmed at this time.

    Edit, one more detail will be confirmed at this time:

    Let the WILD speculation commence.

    Rest assured YOUR future is in safe hands, a super secret committee of elite nerds has assembled.

    @CaptainDangerous @radulykan @spafe @Stoof @ClockworkOrange @MancInventor
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  2. ClockworkOrange

    ClockworkOrange Executive Officer in charge of Trolling
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    Tribemeet 2019

    Hungry for a fight?

    Fury's Rest is usually a dense warren of bustling manufactories and hab blocks... but then the Scavvies came. Showing unusual coordination and guile, they have seized the dome entrances, cutting off food supplies and hoarding them for themselves. Gangs of the underhive once fighting for territory and reputation now scramble amongst the streets and wastes for food, desperate to survive. Civilians who a month ago worked dutifully and peacefully - by Necromunda standards - now grab whatever they can wield, prepared to fight, kill and die for the chance of a scrap of food.

    Can your gang survive with what little food available soaring in price? Will you raid the food stocks of the guilders or turn to cannibalism eating your captured & slain enemy? Will you fight alongside the priests of the Ecclesiarchy, purging the heretical cannibals from the face of the hive?

    One thing's for sure, if you're hungry for a fight - there's only one place to be!

    Legal Stuff

    Tickets are for Yaktribe members only (there’s plenty of time to join before the event) please only pledge if you are certain, real life permitting, that you can attend. If you miss out please let us know and we will add you to the reserve a list just in case someone lucky enough to get a ticket drops out.

    Private ticket resales are strictly not allowed, all transfer of ticket holder names must be approved by the Tribemeet2019UK Committee. If approved we will refund the original purchaser and then resell the ticket to the first reserve at the original value.


    NOW LIVE!!!

    Just a little note on backing a Kickstarter - if you want a ticket or dice or a t-shirt you need to pledge a value equal to what you want....


    Dice £13, T-Shirt £15 and Ticket £24 plus postage at £1 would be a pledge of £53.

    A T-Shirt £15 and Ticket £24 plus postage at £1 would be a pledge of £40.

    You don’t need to back each pledge level, but if you want a ticket please back the ticket pledge and then add on any other rewards. Any tickets backed via the other pledges will be refunded unless pre approved by the committee.

    Clear as mud?! I find it needlessly confusing but that’s how Kickstarter works....
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  3. ClockworkOrange

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    Hi All

    Updated ticket list 2nd March 2019 can anybody who can’t make it please let us know.

    1. @Ardavion
    2. @Azzabat
    3. @Bastion
    4. @Fat Charlie
    5. @ClockworkOrange
    6. @DarkNwss
    7. @Edelweiss
    8. @Galtarr
    9. @headcase14
    10. @Ironslag69
    11. @Lyracian
    12. @MancInventor
    13. @NewbieOne
    14. @Ned Noodle
    15. @radulykan
    16. @Resmire
    17. Ticket Reallocated to Spartan300
    18. @spafe
    19. @Stoof
    20. @StusIdle
    21. @Tiny
    22. @undertaker
    23. @Yaksam
    24. @Schmanders
    25. @Nick.B.

    Press Pass @necrofunda

    Love Clockwork!
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  4. ClockworkOrange

    ClockworkOrange Executive Officer in charge of Trolling
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    Reserve List - if you have a ticket but can’t attend please let us know so that it can go to one of the below!

    No current requests.

    Please note that this list is in order of request and spare tickets will be assigned on that basis.
  5. ClockworkOrange

    ClockworkOrange Executive Officer in charge of Trolling
    Staff Member Tribe Council Yak Comp 1st Place

    UPDATE 21/11/18
    from @MancInventor

    Hi Guys,

    Just to talk about none-spaceship related stuff......

    Hopefully all the Tribemeet backers are subscribed to this thread, if you know someone that isn’t, please point them in this direction.

    Just a little insight into what is going to be happening early December when the campaign finishes.

    First off, Kickstarter will take the pledges from your bank and place the funds in our charge (minus their handling fees). Within a week of this happening, a member of the team will be in touch to confirm exactly what you ordered, your postal address, T shirt sizes etc.

    We will immediately send out the orders for the custom dice - they take 30 days, but could be longer because of Christmas. At the same time the campaign booklet will be sent to print, again 30 days is the turn around (a digital pdf copy will be sent to all ticket pledgers so that you can immediately start assemble your gang and any vehicles). Any T-shirt’s will be ordered, although these take less than 30 days (who knew?). All prizes will be purchased/delivered as soon as the campaign ends and any “proceeds” will be used to purchase terrain for this and future tribe-meet/ Yakday events. Normal turn around for this, but it will (on delivery) then be frantically painted by the team ready for use in the event.

    Every penny spent will be accounted for, I will produce a spreadsheet and upload it to the vault for 100% transparency. All monies will go towards the running of the event and the good and benefit of the tribe. Rest assured, no-one is profiteering here; even the event organisers have purchased their tickets through kickstarter!

    We expect to be shipping your items, tickets, etc in early February from the UK. If you are overseas but attending then we will keep hold of it for you and give it to you on the day to save you a bit of cash.

    All updates will be posted via this thread so stay tuned. If you have any queries or concerns please post here or pm me or one of the team @radulykan @spafe @ClockworkOrange @Stoof if you would prefer not to discuss them publicly.

    On campaign completion I will start a competition thread. The competition will be named “if you build it, they can come”. Details will be published in the thread, but essentially we want you to undertake a project starting from the end of the campaign and finishing on Tribemeet. It can be anything as long as you can use it on the day and the winner will be selected by votes on the competition thread. It can be a bit of terrain, an ash wastes vehicle, a new gang or even a scenario that fits the campaign fluff, as long as it can be used during Tribemeet! Voting will open on the Saturday morning closing at tea-time on Sunday for a live prize giving! Stay tuned, I will post a link to the competition thread on these pages.

    On a final note, it’s not too late to get yourself a T shirt or some cool Yak dice, head to the kickstarter page and make a pledge (or amend your existing pledge to the correct amount!). These cool items may not be available again for a considerable time........(probably until the next Tribemeet campaign).

    Also, if you are a Necromunda hobby related business and you would like to support the event, please get in touch and we can discuss the possibilities!

    Thanks for funding Tribemeet 2019 and we look forward to seeing you there next year.
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  6. radulykan

    radulykan Gang Hero

    I feel like I could speculate quite accurately :)
    What I would like to see is my gang emerge victorious at the end of the campaign leaving lots of dead captains/trolls and others in their wake :)
  7. Punktaku

    Punktaku Un-Dis-Honored
    Honored Tribesman

    A Guild War to see who will cross the Ash Wastes to play Blood Bowl atop Yakitori Tower against the (Agent) Orange Tide?
  8. headcase14

    headcase14 Juve

    The tower idea feels like a thing we need to build and develop.
    I also want to have a mix of ash wastes and hive.
    Ideally If we have enough players we could group up into houses/clans/tribes and have some shared goals.
    That might mean some players are refs as well as players to try and keep the story together. Someone/someoeople wojld need to volunteer to do that during the day.
    Also we need new vehicle rules. Ones that don’t require 10 dice to be rolled for each time you shoot at one. I am drafting out some ideas on that front.
  9. Punktaku

    Punktaku Un-Dis-Honored
    Honored Tribesman

    Lord of Yakitori Tower: a lord of the spire game up the tower.

    Warriors Die Hard: leader and two gangers from each gang meet atop Yakitori tower when things go wrong and they have to fight their way through hordes of Trolls to escape through the bottom (or zombies or whatever). surprises await
  10. MancInventor

    MancInventor Gang Champion

    Speculate away Yakkers, one thing's for certain: this is going to be our biggest and best event to date!

    So hard not to leave a teaser!!!!
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  11. Azzabat

    Azzabat Hive Guilder
    Tribe Council Yak Comp 1st Place

    Trolls, Zombies ... same thing really. :whistle:
  12. Biggle_Bear

    Biggle_Bear Gang Champion

    Are we speculating on the theme already chosen or are we throwing ideas out there of what we would like to see?

    because i think i have figured out the theme hinted at already. but also i have some ideas that i think are cool.
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  13. Punktaku

    Punktaku Un-Dis-Honored
    Honored Tribesman


    You guys are going to set up 10 tables in a five-pointed star formation. each table represents a massive power cable. the tabletop will remain for the entire weekend as it represents a city built atop the cables, suspended in the void between domes.

    Yakitori Tower (whatever happens with it) will be a special event table.
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  14. Punktaku

    Punktaku Un-Dis-Honored
    Honored Tribesman


    Sump Pirates! Make some boats, Yakkers!

    Cult Wars! All gangs are GSC, Chaos, or Cawdor.

    Special Event: Dog Fight! Make a fighter plane and take to the poisonous skies!

    Special Event: Paint Off! Yaktribe’s First Speed Painting competition.
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  15. Biggle_Bear

    Biggle_Bear Gang Champion


    space hulk crashes. Bonus starting creds to genestealer and ork players. Mix of ash wastes surrounding it and compact corridors inside it.


    battle of the bands. Gangs can hire mind controlling musicians that are accompanied by zombified fans.


    These ideas aren't the ones you are going with!
  16. Biggle_Bear

    Biggle_Bear Gang Champion

    @headcase14 I think separating gangs into factions might be difficult unless we say there are only a small selection of factions. But it might be cool to RP it out leading up to the event.
  17. ClockworkOrange

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  18. Ironslag69

    Ironslag69 Juve

    I'm up for smuggling wars and also throwing fools off really high stuff. I'm wondering how people feel about folks continuing with their existing gangs between tribe meets. I'm not sure how far giant killer bonus will help to balance things up if we have a mix of new and established gangs (not much personal experience of it). I'd probably role a new gang anyway (I don't just want to keep my BS 5 heavy again) but feel like I didn't get too see this incarnation of the Iron Slags realize their potential over the coarse of one weekend. Thoughts?
  19. headcase14

    headcase14 Juve

    I agree it might not work out, but having say all the delaques plotting and scheming, while the Goliaths say are trying to conquer territory could be awesome.
  20. Stoof

    Stoof Yakmarines 2nd Co. Word Priest
    Tribe Council Yak Comp 2nd Place

    Previously it has been possible to re-hire gangers from previous competing gangs, but since everyone is still limited to the 1000cr or 1200cr starting spend and you have to pay their full rating (cost+xp) to get them it isn't necessarily cost effective. If there are one or two members you're particularly attached to it should be ok.

    Personally I start afresh, and I think most people do.
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