N18 True Grit and Injury rolls without Damage


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Dec 29, 2017
True Grit says:

"Against attacks with Damage 1, roll two dice – the player controlling the fighter with True Grit, can then choose one dice to discard before the effects of the other are resolved."

How does this work against attacks without Damage (Toxin and Gas) or Injury rolls caused by things that aren't attacks (Stimms, Recovery rolls).

I'm fairly certain that this has been asked but I couldn't find it. I think that it means that anytime you'd normally roll 1 Injury dice you roll 2 and discard 1 result?
It's fairly self explanatory isnt it? If it is an attack with damage 1, that will mean it isn't triggered by toxin, stims, blaze etc, because they either arn't an attack, dont have damage 1, or a combination.

At least that's how I'd read it. @Thorgor might be able to expand more on that.
I think that it means that anytime you'd normally roll 1 Injury dice you roll 2 and discard 1 result?
That would also my interpretation.
This rule has been copy-pasted as is from the old books, when the rules for injury rolls were different and you were supposed to roll X injury dice for a DX attack regardless of how much of this damage was spent to reduce the target's Wounds (also, I'm pretty sure there was a rule to treat Damage — as 1 when needed)
On the other hand, Toxin didn't cause any Injury roll back then.

But yeah, long story short, I believe that it should be read as "roll one less injury dice except when you should only roll one to begin with. In that case, roll two dice and choose one to discard".

With a strict RAW reading, if you are W2 and suffer a D2 wound, you make a 1 dice injury roll regardless of True grit (since the attack is D2 and not D1 you don't get to roll 2 dice and keep the best). That would make either True Grit or the 2nd Wounds useless in this scenario, which I believe is not the intent.
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As far as I remember one of the designers said on Facebook (I think it was on Necromunda 2017) that True Grit does only work against weapons with a Damage value, i.e. not against Toxin or Gas.
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If it was during the N17 era then yes, that's how it worked back then. Since Gas and Toxin used to replace the Injury roll with something else, there was nothing for True Grit to apply to.

I wouldn't mind an exception to be made for Toxin and Gas even with the N18 rules because of how it used to work in N17, but for consistency's sake I'd rather have True grit apply the same way to all Injury rolls regardless of what caused them.
Anyway there is an issue with the RAW for True grit as there are many other things than a D1 (or toxin/Gas) attack that can cause a 1-dice injury roll (Falling damage, environmental damage, or even damage from a D2+ attack)
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