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Dec 29, 2012

So the Troll watched this video and then shared it with a few select Yaks and it turns out we are doing Man O War fleets now 🫣🤣

The crew so far;

Captain Hardly Pugwash @ClockworkOrange
Roger the cabin boy @MancInventor
Seaman Stains @Stoof
Willy @Tiny
Master Bates @radulykan

More crew mates are always welcome aboard the good ship Black Yak! This thread will attempt to document our journey into the the fantasy deep blue sea.

Looking at the price of the old models, box sets etc on eBay it seems 3D printing is the way forward. STL files, PDF Rules, Makers, Sails etc are all available free on the web with a little google fu. I won’t link here so that we can’t be accused of promoting anything thats still in copyright or a close enough copy to be shut down.

The plan is to play at this years Tribemeet, however so many different games are now planned, who knows!

Edit - It seems that the Man O War community is still alive just like us! a few of the crew have already joined the FB group.
I’ll start us off with some boring 3D print shots. Once I’d figured out what the files had been renamed as*, to avoid GW lawyers, and actually read the rules 🤣 I figured out I needed the following for a 1000pts ish Empire fleet;

*renamed to the original names in the pic below.

1 x Greatship
3 x Wolfships (1 squadron)
6 x WarGallies (2 squadrons)
3 x HellHammers (1 squadron)

My first fleet is already printed. I’ve since primed it too.


And made a little test island. Need to make half a dozen more.
Aboard the flagship of Grand Admiral Thwaaaaaarghn, the Chime khime chrim... SEAMONSTAH:

"Oooz' eez wet boyz comin in ar wottahs wiv der big shiny boats an' metal islanz and stuff! We'z betta giv e'm a good krumpin'!"

"Iz is still a krumpin' wen we'z at sea boss? Might it be a sploshin' instead?"

"Give dem a sploshin? I fink dat's sumfing... else. Elvish practice I 'spect. Anyways, ow's you gettin' on fittin' an unfeeeeesibly laaaarge catapult to dat cuttah anyway...?"
Looking at the price of the old models, box sets etc on eBay it seems 3D printing is the way forward.
“…and this, Dear Reader, is how all good projects began from then on…” 🤣

Shall be interesting to see what the Yaks do with this one!!
Probably won’t be joining you - got too many projects as it is.

Anyway, fly the Orange Peter*, hoist your main sail, shiver your timbers etc.

*I know, I’m theming it for ClockworkOrange.
I started a Man O'War project in '22, did some more of it early last year, but it's hit a reef, for reasons...

Some of where I got to (lifted from my plog) -

IIRC the facebook group in Clockwork's post above has links to all the rules and stuff to make your own set, but I also found material on a site called Sea of Claws -

For the card decks (magic, man o'war etc), if you want them printed professionally I can recommend, get them in Skat size (GW's common size for card decks back then). The unit cards I printed myself for my Empire fleet (see the last link above) were resized to Tarot size to save space and "laminated" to allow dry wipe marker usage (which makes most if not all counters redundant).

For squadrons, and if like me you don't have a 3d printer, Etsy is your friend...

For single model units (like Greatships) you can find OG metal ones on evilbay at reasonable prices, occasionally...

I have a 1000pt Empire fleet "in progress", I want to buy an opposing Dwarf fleet, or a Bretonnian fleet, and I have an OG metal Dwarf Dreadnought as a start...

My Empire fleet is as follows -

1x Greatship - OG metal
1 squadrons 3x Wolfships - resin
2 squadron 3x Wargalleys - resin
1 squadron 3x hellhammer - resin
1 squadron 3x ironfist - resin

I've magnetised the Greatship -

February this year I purchased a game mat -

I did have 3d prints for a Dwarf fleet on order from an ebayer back in February but they couldn't/didn't fulfil the order and I subsequently allocated the funds to other stuff...

And that's as far as I've got. Apparently, besides 2 (non-GW) reference sheets I'd want to print and an opposition fleet, I have a full core set (plus some terrain markers from the Plague Fleet expansion) and could play a game. Health issues, along with 2 scorching summers, have prevented me from visiting my gaming buddy (16 miles/2hr public transport trip away) and having a game of anything for nearly 18 months now though, I only picked up painting again last month after about 6 months inactivity!

Once I've completed my "Sisters of Sigmar" though I might refloat my Man O'War project, paint my Empire fleet and magnetise masts/make sails (sails being the difficult part imho)...

Thanks as always for looking, C&C welcome.
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Ive been tinkering away combining the various free MoW STLs for the Empire.

Ive got so far:

2 Greatships
6 Wolfships
6 Wargalleys
3 Hell Hammers

And then the fun started with sails, I first tried to print a load of the masts etc, but that was too much like hard work plus the result is very delicate. Whilst the resin I use is ABS like, it won’t stand up to being used as the tiny masts without a bit of help. So I’ve bought some fantasy sail STL’s to print, they are in the STC at the mo so we’ll find out tomorrow if thats going to make everything stronger.

I’ve also been buggering around with Meshmixer trying to create an Imperial Griffon proxy, the original model is god awful, so anything I come up with has got to be an improvement! The first test turned out to be too small, but I’m still experimenting.

Total project cost about £7.50 for the sail STL files, already had the resin left over from the Realm of Chaos project.

Whilst I’ve had some buggeration with the files, that’s just the STLs I’m trying to use, I can’t help but feel MoW was decades ahead of its time it’s designed for 3D printing ships.
Keep experimenting with those sail, pennant pole, and spar prints and I'm sure you'll have success - it's handy to have spare masts available for repairs. I'll see if I can dig up the printer settings for the last batch I did if you want. Seems like those settings are idiosyncratic for every printer though 😕

I was going to suggest the alternate war galley (foreground) if you wanted even more variety in your Empire fleet, or wanted a different model for pirate ships, but it looks like the file has been removed. I think it was a Gareth Nicholas sculpt. Definitely a reminder to download stuff as soon as you see it!