Necromunda TT Combat Hive terrain


Jun 3, 2017
Birmingham, UK
Dunno if you guys have seen this already but TT have some new terrain out. I've bought the lot and am currently assembling it. Once done I'll try and post some pics & quick review.

Stuff I've noticed so far:
  • It's bigger than it looks in the photos. The large square platforms are huge; you'll definitely need to have shed loads of scatter terrain for them
  • Floor heights are much taller than e.g. WGT terrain
  • 3mm MDF throughout except detailing & panelling for the tanks, which is 1mm grey board
  • Looks like it won't flat pack anywhere near as well as the WGT stuff (if storage space is an issue for you). Most of it is made to be glued together permanently rather than disassembled and stored flat after a game.
  • There are a LOT of parts. LOTS of popping out and deburring (I bought a Dremel for this otherwise I'd still be doing it at Xmas). Probably gonna run out of glue soon.
  • Looks great
  • Very sturdy
  • Some of the smaller parts have to be popped out VERY carefully to avoid ripping the MDF. The small balustrade connectors are a pig for this
  • Tolerances are sometimes a little too tight. Had to sand down a few parts to fit them together (ruined a whole support by trying to force it together). Not that many so far though. I'm a little worried about how paint is going to affect the tolerances in areas that need to come apart
  • The sphere tank seems to have no way of keeping its top platform level other than just eyeballing it and sliding it around until it looks level. There's an unused hole through the middle of the whole tank that could have been used for this purpose. This isn't a huge issue, just means there is a bit more glue to clean up off the grey board panelling if you don't get it right first time. Although it remains to be seen how much tolerance there is on where the walkways attach to the top...that could be an issue.
  • I preordered it so got a fantastic deal on it all - not sure if that deal is still going but you might want to jump on it now if it's of interest to you
  • A few of the lines that are meant to be etched have actually been cut all the way through, but you wouldn't notice if you weren't looking for it
That sounds like a lot of negatives, but I'm actually much more pleased with the quality than I was with my WGT stuff, and the TT stuff looks a lot better. You can tell that it's better designed and thought out as well.

More to follow.

Posted from my phone so excuse typos etc.
Great write up dude... I see a lot of mdf terrain for sale, but never know what the quality is quite like. Some pics would be ace too if you can.
OK, so some more info (and pics!):
  • Some of the tolerances are just too damn tight. Especially the walkway supports. I had to sand the tabs on those down (I used a Dremel with a sanding disc, otherwise it would have taken ages). Maybe it's just variation in material thickness that's to blame here - most of the other stuff fits fine.
  • The grey bits on the tanks are laser cut 1mm greyboard that you bend around an MDF former. I strongly suggest pre-bending them over a straight edge before trying to stick them to the MDF. Also there was a lot of soot on them, so don't wear any clothing that your particularly fond of while handling these
  • The floor heights are completely different to the WGT terrain, see pics
  • You can only ramp from the floor to the 1st (low) level, then from 1st to 2nd level. 2nd to 3rd is not possible with the supplied walkways (they're not long enough and the floors are quite high = the ramp is too steep)
  • It feels much more sturdy in general than the WGT stuff because it's 3mm instead of 2mm MDF, BUT I think that the MDF they've used is slightly softer and so a bit more prone to bending/tearing when assembling. Some of the weaker parts broke when I tried to push them together due to the combination of weak material and tight fit. You quickly learn to be very careful with it.
  • LOTS of cover available due to the tons of balustrade
  • Very time consuming to make all of this - gluing the balustrade together was tedious
  • The platforms for the tanks don't stay on very well - if you don't need to flatpack it all then I strongly suggest gluing them on. Otherwise you'll have to bodge some way of keeping them on
  • I've got a feeling that once this has all been painted, some parts won't fit together any more...
  • There are some small 'H' shaped parts that are used to connect various bits together (mainly for connecting walkways to platforms) - these are not shown in the instructions, and there are a few different variations of these, so you have no idea what each one is for.
  • The hole in the centre of the hexagonal platforms is not big enough for a pringles tube or beer can :( The centre of a used kitchen roll might work though, haven't tried yet
  • Most of the 'manhole cover' type things you can see on the platforms and walkways are supposed to be popped out, and are only held in by very small tabs, so there will actually be quite a few holes in those if you don't glue them in place
  • There are some very small octagonal barrels for use as scatter terrain, but these are a PAIN to make, and don't look very good. Once again, tolerances are way too tight, and the bars that hole them together are actually about 1mm or so too short.
  • The angled 'H' connectors (for connecting ramps to platforms) are actually too short - if you connect them to the slots on a platform, it's too loose. You have to connect them slightly offset instead. They're nowhere near as secure as the normal straight 'H's
  • The stairwells are stackable, BUT if you follow the instructions, they tell you add a part that STOPS you from stacking them (two runners right at the top of the centre support), so if you wanna stack them, leave that out. Off the top of my head I think it was the last part that the instructions tell you to add.
The black tower is a Wargames Tournaments tower), everything else is TT Combat.
No idea why Yak has rotated some of them by 90 degrees...

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Yeah it's a combination of the 3 new sectors they released, so there is a lot of it.

Also one more note about this stuff: there is very little complete cover. I.e. most of it is -1 or -2, but there are very few places where you are completely out of sight. Needs some solid bulkheads; I might dremel some new slots into my WGT bulkheads for this purpose.
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I’ve been looking at this terrain and it seems like a nice balance of decent looks and practicality on a reasonably budget friendly price. I decided to buy a set of Industrial Hive 1 walkways to see and so far, I’m very happy with them! I think they’ll paint up nicely and with a bit of weathering they’ll look suitably rust’n’grime!

I agree that there’s a lot of punching out parts to make the shields/side structures. It’s well worth it though as they really make the walkways seem to have more substance than just a piece of material spanning a gap.

A quick question for you @AxeSlash, are you planning on gluing these side pieces on, or leave them off for flexibility? It seems to me that if you glue the lot of then you limit quite a few possible configurations. However one painted I suspect they won’t fit which will mean modifying their fittings. Also the ladders.

Much like the SW:A terrain, I think these sets will benefit from being glued in a few choice setups rather than attempting to pack down. At the moment I’m thinking of a few ways I can go about this but it’ll be good to see a thread where this particular set can be explored.

For anyone out there who’s interested, it’s a pretty decent deal, cheaper tha WGT and certainly a lot Cheaper than GW!

It must be very new as I can’t find any pictures of it painted online. Seen a few of it’s less detailed predecessor and plenty of WGTs option.

Hopefully we can post up a few painted examples to show what can be done with it?!?
A quick question for you @AxeSlash, are you planning on gluing these side pieces on, or leave them off for flexibility? It seems to me that if you glue the lot of then you limit quite a few possible configurations. However one painted I suspect they won’t fit which will mean modifying their fittings. Also the ladders.

I'll be keeping all the balustrade detachable rather than gluing it on. I fully expect to have to sand a few slots out so that they still fit, but that's fine. To be honest a few of the balustrade connectors are a bit loose as it is, so a bit of paint might actually HELP those bits!

Space is an issue for me at the moment, so I'm trying to keep it all as flat as possible.

I'll probably glue on the the 'H' connectors for the end of each walkway though.

How were the tolerances on yours? Were they so tight that some parts didn't fit/got damaged/were otherwise too tight or too loose?

Also it is definitely new stuff, AND it looks like there more to come - if you look in the Instructions on the website, there are instructions for stuff that isn't for sale yet (I imagine they're still refining the design).

Also they sell a Zone Mortalis style board & walls that looks pretty nice (although it looks a little pricey for what it is) and would fit well with the new boards that come with the Necromunda Underhive box set
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@AxeSlash I shall be getting some primer on the parts soon! As I’m doing the painting in bits I can test fit and see what scratches etc.

As for tolerances, the balustrade parts are wobbly for most but fit on ok. The ladders are a mix. One end of a platform is stiff the other loose so it’s well worth checking all round.
Of course you have x20 more than I have so far though!!

The legs for the walkways are stiff to fit them in bar one, which is a bit loose. I intend to glue these in anyway. But you do have to be careful as I nearly split some MDF getting one of the legs in place.

None of my stuff broke on removal though.

Worth noting for anyone else reading you need a sharp knife to pop the little retaining tabs. I’m using a scalpel but a Stanley knife might be better! Don’t use a blunt blade as you risk damaging the kit/yourself.

Don’t even think about twisting the parts out unless you like little furry patches on your metal walkways. :confused:

I’ll have a look at the new designs later! I have been looking at the not-ZM tiles too!! Price difference is about £7 from the FW version (£25 per sq. ft. Vs. £17.50 for TTC)

My only suggestion to TTC would be that some greyboard on these parts would get rid of the obvious MDF connection points. I’m going to glue some card over them myself but pre-cut would have been nice.
@MusingWarboss If you want the ZM stuff, have a look at the Wargame Model Mods stuff as well, it comes with LED under floor lighting too...seem to remember thinking that it was actually a bit cheaper than the TT one, but didn't look as 'imperial'. They DO do an Orky looking version if that's your thing, though...

Also regarding the tabs and popping stuff out, I just twisted it all out (used a knife on a few stubborn parts that hadn't cut all the way through) and just Dremel'd (Dremelled? Dremel-ed? Dremelised? Dremelated? ... Dremelated.) the tabs off afterwards. Seemed much quicker than spending hours faffing with a knife. You could sandpaper them off too if you haven't got too many to do. I spent 2 nights knifing the WGT stuff out of it's sprues due to to poor laser cutting so I really didn't fancy doing all that again.

That said, some of the smaller TT parts did rip a little while twisting them out; not so much that they were unusable, but you do have to be careful about HOW you get them out (which side you pop out first and how to twist it). The parts that suffered were mainly the 'H' connectors for the walkways and the balustrade connectors (the ones that look a bit like a spanner). I found that using the back of a sculpting tool shaped like a very small spoon to spread the pressure around the point where the tab is helped, but yeah you can do it with a knife as well, just be careful!
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You twisted them out? I’m surprised they survived! The MDF looks like it’d tear under too much stress. I guess though you had waaaaay more to pop out though.

The knife didn’t take too long it’s just a tedious process. I kinda wish they’d just cut all the parts out and bagged them.

The H parts are ok, nice to have so many spares but the angled one is pretty useless. It doesn’t fit the holes you expect it to without being too short and then offering an unstable connection. So you have to connect to the regular edges.

Honestly I’m not fussed about ramps as they’re too smooth and models do slip as it’s not that gentle an angle. The plastics may be ok for most of the time but a metal heavy is face-planting the lower platform for sure. I’ll stick with good old ladders. Or those stairs!

I’m still loving this stuff though, great way to bulk out my table now my old cardboard has met end-of-life. Until I can rebuild that stuff I’m going to have fun with these!!
I have a lot of TTCombat terrain, and just pop it out with my fingers. It's pretty solid, and looks great. :) But yeah, it is a bit open. Nothing N17 barricades and bulkheads won't fix, though. ^^
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