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Two footed broad jump onto the band wagon! My fantasy armies


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Mar 11, 2017
Basildon, United Kingdom
Op: Smash out the Skaven hasn’t really panned out, but i’ve still been productive so not too fussed. Added another 20 shooty elves to my helf army, core is looking respectable now.

I’ve also started a pretty big project, a long awaited stab at a 3D space hulk board.

Looking for some Deathwing to replace the 2nd Ed plastic terminators has lead to me also splashing out on the dark angles half of the Dark Vengeance box for some games of 2nd Ed 40k, so did this test for DA armour too... sticking a primaris marine on a square base to test a paint scheme for a 2nd ed army felt gooooood, take that GW ha ha!


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Feb 8, 2013
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Stunning. I love the mass ranks of elves, thats beautiful that is!

tbh all of these projects seem to kick butt!
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