Ulanti court advisor & her mirror mask


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Jan 22, 2020
Berry, France
Hello to all,

This new characters being quite interesting (fluffwise), and going well with my previously built Ulanti Spyrers gang, I decided to make my own version.

First thing was to find some fitting miniatures. I searched through the Twisted range :

IMO the finest range of miniatures since the late Rackham (Confrontation). You can go metal or resin.

I found and ordered two (metal of course) very interesting miniatures and gathered some bits :


Models are named Highway woman and Dorothy

After some thinking, I made my choice, quite limited in fact under strict guidance from the rulebook (a sword and a pistol), and the ladies were pinned in arms and feet :


Both miniatures are now based and awaiting paint :


The court advisor (front row) is now donned with a quite impressive blade, to make a nice contrast with her posh outfit and puppy in the basket, while her mirror mask is ready for some underhive action in the background.

(to be continued...)
Lovely model choices for both the adviser and mask. The puppy will inspire some double takes, I imagine, but there’s that part of me that wishes the case was closed to allow for either the “What’s in the box?!?” moment or maybe the “it’s a trap” black market piece of equipment with the incongruously large beast inside using the rare double action “Deploy Dehydrated Sumpkroc”. Looking forward to seeing more.
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I’m not particularly into steampunk at all, but those are some very nice miniatures. I can only imagine how much shipping from Australia to the US would be.
You should be able to find some retailer in the US I guess. Mine were ordered on Wamp and came from the UK.
The line is indeed a steampunk one, which is quite compatible with the Necromunda setting in my mind, and I found the venitian/aristocratic tone very appropriated for these Ulanti Spyrers.
From what I understood, the store came out from a miniature painter forum, with some kind of "never better served than by yourself" attitude. I ordered twice since this summer, and even had a gift with my first order (a double pack of MDF stair steppers from the Twisted range).
Oooh! Those Urchins ["Urkins"]!

How's the scale? Do they blend in well with GW/Reaper/Rackham [Rackham being only slightly taller and leaner than the others, but they mix well enough on the tabletop]?
You’re an evil enabler... (must forget link exists... must forget link exists...)
You seem to have mis-spelled “facilitator of joy” but that’s okay. :unsure:😀
I will go back to trying to forget the tabs I have open for terrain at Wargames Tournaments and Promethium Forge. Oh no, there’s the Anvil Industries bits order I started on that fourth tab...ahhhhhhhh.
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Scale wise I’ve stopped worrying about it, peeps are all different sizes. If you use the same base and make the really short ones a little taller with plastercard etc and use the same painting style I think multiple 28mm ranges look fine.

Go sustainable, make this hobby great again! buy from the little guy! These are from;

Crooked Dice
TT Combat
Perry Miniatures
Games Workshop (Meh bits of 1 maybe defo from eBay)
Heresy Lab - these 2 (butcher and fishwife are heroic scale nearer to GW, just better fed and or related to Orgryns...)

Also you still get them in lovely white gold! Feel the heft!

Love the Troll
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How's the scale?

It is a modern scale, 30/32 mm.


Fits well with FW resin models I've got, but taller than classic metal miniatures.

But as written by Clockwork O, scale is not really a matter to me as well. I guess you also have jockey riders and basketball players in the Underhive.
The highwaywoman is taller by half a head than Dorothy, so you also have some variation within the range itself, which is nice IMO.

I've assembled an Ash Wastes gang from classic GW and Grenadier miniatures associated with Twisted miniatures, and with some base platforming, it shoud be quite nice once painted.