N18 Underdog, Gang rating and Tactics cards


Aug 18, 2013
I'm looking to be enlightened by the community on the topic of Gang rating calculation, and the consequesnces it has on Tactics cards and Underdog status. The rules remain vague on the topic; at least I'm unable to find a straightforward answer. Is the gang rating:
  1. The total credits value of all fighters in a gang (pre battle)
    • a) including Brutes, hangers on and hired guns on the gang roster
    • b) including fighters in recovery or those unable to fight (e.g., Old battle wound) or hangers on not participating in the fight
    • c) including any gang gear, like booby traps
  2. the credits value of only the fighters showing up for the fight
    • a) including or excluding the fighters in reserve (reinforcements or additional fighters granted by a tactics card)?
    • b) including any booby traps and the like, used in the fight during setup
Related to this: an Underdog is defined as a gang with a Gang Rating lower than 400 credits. Many scenarios grant additional Tactcs cards to Underdogs, but I wonder if my interpretation is correct:
  • If a scenario grants 1 Underdog Tactics card per 100cr difference, this means you either get none if your rating is 399 or less lower than that of the opponent (because you are not Underdog), or 4 (or more) cards.
  • Or, maybe you get 1 card from your deck per 100 credits difference, unless the difference is 400+, then those additional cards are Underdog Tactics?
Apologies if this has been answered before, I couldn't find any discussion on this topic via search. Appreciate any responses!
Gang rating and Crew rating are

- different from each other. Gang rating is total gang including hangers on, etc etc. Crew rating is only the fighters showing up for the fight.
- each is separately referenced by some scenarios and rules, so read them as two separate things and pay attention to which is being referenced..

If the scenario grants underdog bonuses based on Crew rating as most do, it only includes the total rating value of those fighters in your starting Crew for the scenario, compared to only the total rating value of their starting Crew. Many or even most scenarios give extra tactics cards based on crew rating, for example. Crew rating benefits often start with a 100 rating difference or more.

If the scenario grants underdog bonuses based on Gang rating, then it is concerned about the total rating value of everyone in the whole gang, no matter how many or how few are in the starting Crew. Most House Favours tables are based on gang rating, for example. Gang rating benefits often start with a 400 rating difference or more.

Both sets of benefits often get termed "Underdog" bonuses, regardless the differences between the two sets.
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