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Discussion in 'Yak Mechanicum' started by Malo, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Malo

    Malo YakTribe Mechanicum
    Staff Member Yak Founder

    Should you? Yes. Could you? No.

    Slider has been increased to 15. Thanks.

    Thanks for the CSS suggestion, looks good. I've updated the code.
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  2. Jacob Dryearth

    Jacob Dryearth Gang Hero

    Yep, that makes perfect sense!
  3. Fikgit

    Fikgit New Member

    Thanks for the updates, came just in time for our new campaign. As a suggestion on the campaign map, at the moment when you have a lot of territories/gangs it's a bit hard to read, have you considered giving each gang a colour and then colouring the territories? Would make it easier to see at a glance who has what.
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  4. Jacob Dryearth

    Jacob Dryearth Gang Hero

    Thanks for the work you do, it makes this campaign management business much easier.

    If there a way to have the gang sheet show gang territories as well as campaign territories?
  5. Punktaku

    Punktaku Un-Dis-Honored
    Honored Tribesman

    Is it possible to add a "Your Threads" button to the sidebar that appears when you go into Alerts? maybe in the upper box with Alerts, Likes You've Received, Watched Forums, and Watched Threads? This would bring the yakkers to the threads they created, making it easier to add content.
  6. There doesn't seem to be any of the Photon Flash Grenades for the grenade launcher in the trade post and the Escher Phyrr Cat has no rarity (should be 12). Thanks :)
  7. makinote

    makinote Juve

    Completely, I would like to note that the campaign territories doesn't appear listed in the printer version of the Gang Sheet. Could this be added? plz :)

    Thanks for your amazing work!!! :)
  8. Custom weapons profiles are not appearing on fighter cards. They only go in as a piece of wargear, is this intended? Is it also possible to add master crafted as a weapon trait?

    Edit: The profiles popped up about 10 minutes after I posted. So sorted! :D
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  9. andrewgpaul

    andrewgpaul Ganger

    Likewise, they don't appear in the Gang Cards view.

    Also, when I view the Territories tab in the Gang page, it shows the rules for the Settlement under Gang Territories, but apparently not for campaign territories (I've added a Slag Furnace to my gang and it shows up there, but doesn't tell me what it does).

    Finally, when I'm in the campaign view (with the hexes for territories) there's no easy way to get back to the campaign manager view (where I can add gangs and the like). Would it be possible to add a link or button or something when you've got a moment?
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  10. Malo

    Malo YakTribe Mechanicum
    Staff Member Yak Founder

    Added power hammer and web gun to GSC
    Weapons and weapon stats added. Sorry to all, I forgot to add those after the Compendium update!

    Thank you @Casualty for the info.
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  11. Malo

    Malo YakTribe Mechanicum
    Staff Member Yak Founder

    I just hadn't got around to adding the rest of the rules. GW doesn't exactly like me adding rule text from the books :)

    Yeah I'll get that added.
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  12. el_guestos

    el_guestos Ganger

    Again many thanks for the work you do, really, really awesome. Quick note for you, I'm using Venators and when I buy certain items from the Trading Post and add it to a fighter there is then no option to remove it. An example is the Power Knife, if I add this to a ganger there is then no option to remove it.

    There is also no option to add the Phyrr Cat to a fighter, I can buy it for the gang but cannot then assign it to a fighter.
  13. GraaEminense

    GraaEminense Four-armed Emperor
    Honored Tribesman

    Error: Ambot Grav-fist upgrade costs 90c in the Underhive Tools, not 70c as it should.
  14. Michael McAnaney

    Michael McAnaney New Member

    A Chaos Cultist Witch is a Champion so should be able to take Wargear right? She needs an entry for Exotic Beasts to get Chaos Familiar. Right now I can't get this option
  15. Malo

    Malo YakTribe Mechanicum
    Staff Member Yak Founder

    Don't add it as a fighter. It's there as an option for those who simply want to add it as a fighter only but you need to add it as an item from the Trading Post, since it's "equipment" you purchase. This way it gets added to the handler for the cost and when you buy the item, it also adds the pet as a fighter card.
    Fixed, thanks.
    Fixed, thanks.
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  16. GraaEminense

    GraaEminense Four-armed Emperor
    Honored Tribesman

    Several GSC weapons (demo charges, heavy stubber, needle pistol) are more expensive in the house list than in the trade post. Would it be possible to differentiate the two, paying the lower price when at the trade post and the higher price when buying directly from the house? That'll at least give some workaround for the stupid rules...

    Power pick is both a "special" GSC weapon and in the normal melee weapon list.
  17. When you create a gang it starts with Reputation 0, but according to the rules a gang's Reputation should start at 1 (and cannot drop below 1). It's not a big deal (as the arbitrator I just keep going in and editing everyone's gang when they create it), but hopefully it's easy for you to change the default value.

    Would it also be possible to add a Wealth attribute to gangs now that Dominion is the default campaign type?

    Thanks for all your work on the tools.
  18. Malo

    Malo YakTribe Mechanicum
    Staff Member Yak Founder

    I was supposed to fix this long ago, and is now resolved. New gangs start with 1 and all gangs that had zero before are now 1.

    Yep, I need to add Wealth and remove Turf. Gang Rating is something that technically should be changed but I don't think the new rule is correct and don't believe it's ever been confirmed.
  19. Jacob Dryearth

    Jacob Dryearth Gang Hero

    When I upgrade a GSC Neophyte into a specialist the type changes to Aberrant Specialist.
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