Underhive vs Gang War costs


Jun 3, 2017
Birmingham, UK
So as we all now know there are inconsistencies between the costs for gangers and weapons all over the place.

I seem to remember reading something somewhere that seemed to imply that the official line from GW was that there are two different cost systems - one for Underhive battles, and one for Gang War battles/campaigns, and that the cost differences are supposed to represent which weapons/gangs become more useful in confined spaces, but I can't seem to find where I read that and/or any official source.

Can anyone help with that?

Also as I understand it, the only gangs that we currently have Underhive costs for are Goliath and Escher, so presumably you're all playing Underhive matches using Gang War costs - does that still balance out OK?


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Oct 30, 2014
Palmerston, ACT, Australia
I think it was a general belief that the Underhive rules were so different that they meant to have two sets of costs.

Now that we are up to GW4 I think that everyone now knows that the latest GW costs should be used in all instances.

N17 (just like ORV/NCE) isn’t truly balanced anyway so you may as well use the latest unbalanced rules.


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Dec 29, 2017
I can help you: ignore all costs, stats, weapons, fighters, skills, scenarios from underhive. Underhive is a different version of the game, the demo version. In this demo version, you will not find: proper escher, proper goliath, juves, van saar, orlock, chaos, genestealer cults, bounty hunters, exotic beasts, delaque, cawdor, hive scum, hangers-on, proper scenarios, full skill list, full weapon list...

What you want to do is ONLY use the Gang War version at all times. Play Skirmish games? Use Gang War system. Play Campaign? Use Gang War system. Play 2d (Zone Mortalis)? Use Gang War system. Play 3d (Sector Mechanicus)? Use Gang War system.

Underhive was dead at birth, replaced by Gang War system from day 1...

The only pages in the core rule book that are still valid are those for core game mechanics and 2d rules. Ignore everything else!
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Oct 31, 2013
I agree with TopsyKretts. Indeed with GW4 they introduce a whole section on how to Skirmish in one-off battles; which is what was previously thought to be Underhive’s thing.

Basically each Gang War book supersedes the previous one. At this point in time a small PDF or four-page book of rules from Underhive is all that’s needed. The rest is effectively junk, unless you’re just playing it as a one-off board game.