N18 Unusual Gunfighter: how many shots?

Mar 30, 2021
Long story short: each wording of the Gunfighter Twin Guns Blazing rule I've looked at is "shoot two sidearms without penalty", essentially. But what if you've many sidearms and - like GSC and Squats with power pack weapons - you also have many arms!?

I.e. A Squat CM with two Autopistol and two Stone Burners (4 guns) - I can't see a ruling that allows more than two to be shot, but I'd dearly like it to be the case. (The wording of power pack for melee seems to allow for many CC attacks, but the equivalent for sidearms seems really... Shonky.)

Similarly, in melee: can a gunfighter gunfight with two sidearms? (With more?) I couldn't see anything that allowed it, but wouldn't it be nice?


More waffle:

So, I'm contemplating a revised Ironhead Squats gang, and my daft ideas keep circling back to one all-too-tempting idea: a cheap, effective, heroic Charter Master.

The build is something like:
Charter Master (115c) with Gunfighter
2× IH Autopistol (2×20c)
Mesh Armour (15c)

But the shocking twist: what about "Not cheap"?

The cheaper version is any CM with Gunfighter and two Stone Burners (4" sidearm meltas). Happy days.

But then, why lose out on the range and utility of IH autopistols? Let's bung all four on, and a knife just in case of melee.

Is there any merit in seeking to make four BS rolls, one for each side arm? Even with just the IH autopistols, it'd be possibly 12 hits!

But pop those Melta touches on and this is insane matrix gunfighting to rival those madcap Genestealer and Necron many-armed gunslingers.

Except for the rule wording.

Is there any hope?
I would say you can. A power pack is not a third arm. The limitation that applied to a third arm doesn't apply to a power pack weapon.

I'm not sure if it's possible but if it's a genestealer corrupted squat gang could have 5 guns.

That being said the stone burner have an extremely short range and there is more chance that you will you them in close combat any way.

- two power packs
- two arms
-- one extra arm

In the case of the mutation extra appendage from the Apocrypha, it is specified in witch case it can be use.

21-23 Extra Appendages: The Mutant increases their Attacks characteristic by 1. In addition,
they may use up to three weapons with the Sidearm or Melee trait at the same time.

This need to be clarified with the next FAQ.
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