Updated Master Equipment and Skills Lists.


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Mar 29, 2016
Halifax, NS, Canada
Ahoy, folks.

So years ago in 2006, West Ely approached Edwin “The Mordheimer” Molina with the start of a complete equipment list for Mordheim, pulling all the various items from various rulebook, magazines, and so on, and the Mordheimer carried it forward for a few years, updating it as far as Empire in Flames. Well, Mordheim has kept on, with both official publications [Fanatic Online and Nemesis Crown] and solid unofficial [Border Town Burning and Mutiny in Marienburg], so I thought it was high time to update that updated list so that it could be ... up to date.

Here is the Mordheimer's Master Equipment List, updated as far as Mutiny In Marienburg:

And here is the Mordheimer's Master Skills List, likewise:

So my question is, is there anything desperately missing? Turhan Buckley is thankfully taking on the effort of making these pretty [I just did collation work, he's making use of the right fonts, etc], but before he gets too far embedded in that effort, I wanted to be sure I wasn't missing anything egregious.