N18 Upgrading Palanite Sergeants to Subjugator Sergeants

Upgrading Palanites to Subjugators

  • Pay the credits and upgrade mid-campaign

  • Only at fighter creation

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May 23, 2019
Hi All,

Quick rules question - in the Enforcer fighter stats section, it states that "A Palanite Sergeant may be upgraded to a Subjugator Sergeant for +10 credits".


Could a player choose to spend these 10 credits to upgrade an existing Palanite Sergeant to a Subjugator Sergeant mid-campaign (during the off week, for instance)?

Thanks in advance for the help!
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Jun 14, 2015
I'm certainly allowing Juves to choose between Palanite and Subjugator once they level up (And giving out free Layered Flak if they choose Subjugator, otherwise there are some weird edge cases such as a levelling up Juve when you have 0creds which could result in a Subjugator with no armour...). For Sergeants, I'd say once picked they are fixed in that route and can't be upgraded mid-campaign.
Feb 12, 2019
I would simply say no beyond character creation.
It creates issues with how the Enforcers were designed having two distinct weapon sets, and going from Palanite to Subjugator would change would he could equip, and technically he'd be meant to wear a different set of armor out the gate, which could lead to some people going 'yeah but I get this, so my old armor and stuff goes into stash and I'll sell it later or something.

Cpt. Boriel

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Jan 7, 2018
I think its silly that they have different armor. I - personally - would say that they get the same armor for the point increase, and you can choose that they are regular or subjugator at creation. however, this is not how the rules are written, it seems that for simplicity/streamline's sake it is much easier to restrict subjugators to gang creation/hiring.
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Sep 5, 2019
Personally speaking, I don't find the idea of upgrading to be very appealing in the first place. For the most part, I've already decided on a particular unit's role and general loadout when they're created anyway - even if I was able to swap my Palanite Sergeant to a Subjugator, I don't feel like there's much value in doing so. By swapping Palanite to Subjugator, which necessarily will change their load out, you've effectively just 'lost' a fighter and replaced it with another - there's more value to be gleaned from investing in another body.