N18 Uprising Campaign Downtime Promotion


Jan 8, 2021
Round Rock
I searched for a topic about this and couldn't find was I was looking for, so apologies if this has already been addressed. We're in the downtime of our Uprising campaign and I noticed the line that says "If any gang contains any Juves that have five or more Advancements, they are promoted. Their characteristics and Credits value are unaffected, but their Type is changed to Champion."

However in all of the most recent house books (House of Iron, House of Faith, House of Blades) the Juves all have the same special rule "Promotion (HOUSE Specialist)" where HOUSE is the respective gang. My intuition tells me the promotions should follow the gang books and the campaign rules I'm referencing are outdated. It's kind of ridiculous because everyone would be forced to add or remove gangers to stay in compliance with the number of gang fighter (x) rule.

What do you guys say?