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Uprising - Venture into the underhive of Necromunda with a collection of action-packed tales.

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A Necromunda anthology
Venture into the underhive of Necromunda with a collection of action-packed tales encompassing gang war, strange events, desperate escapes, and cunning schemes.

In this anthology, you'll delve into the darkest heart of the underhive, witnessing all manner of battles, plots, and horrors.

At the heart of Necromunda, a sickness festers.Where the word of Helmawr is law, many go hungry…...

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The Birth of Hunger by David Annandale is the first story in this anthology. It is an interesting take on how Corpse Grinder Cult gangs come in to being. Well done, in my opinion.
Low Lives by Denny Flowers. Reprint. This one was fun. It was neat seeing the regulars of a house and seeing their views of the gangs.
Paradise by Jonathan Green. Another Jonathan Green story and it is excellent. Gangers find an actual green space within the hive. It's neat cuz it's wholly out of place. It all is explained by the end and we see the return of an old character.
Dead Drop by Mike Brooks. I do not for for one instant buy that there is just one space port on all of Necromunda. I do not buy there is just one spaceport in the primary hive cluster. Hell, I don't buy that Hive Primus has just one spaceport. This detail kinda killed an otherwise decent story from the start for me. Ash wastes/road warrior & secret ways into the hive and intrigue and backstabbing made for an interesting story, but between the beginning and a really loose end left dangling at the end, it fell flat.
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Banner-Jarl by Will McDermott. Liked this one a lot. The twists and turns were fun. The reveals worked for me. The only thing I didn't like is that the book took place in two different times. I liked both times, but the ebook version didn't give any indication that time had changed. It just started a new paragraph, so it took a few seconds to realize that there had been a time shift. Despite this annoying editing choice, it was a fun read.
Long Way Home by Filip Wiltgren. A cool Van Saar vs Delaque story told from the point of view of the Van Saar. Pretty brutal. Ultimately seemed to play out as initiation story even though that wasn't what was intended.
The Last Voyage of Elissa Harrow by Denny Flowers. Reprint. This seems to be an epilogue to Low Lives. Fun story, pretty atmospheric, but with a very disappointing ending.