Using Warcry models


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Jul 26, 2015
Southampton, UK
Anyone reckon those chicken-like things* from Warcry (without the wings) would make good Mutie mounts?

Some of the models would probably work for Diggaz too, if you don't mind that they might be larger than the Orks. (Diggaz are already wel lserved with Blood Reavers and the like.)

*They're not really that chicken-like, though I've seen people on FB referring to them as 'chiggins'.


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Nov 22, 2011
I'm thinking the "Chiggins" might be a bit on the small/low side for Mutie mounts, unless you kitbash them with something else it might look like someone trying to ride a large dog; having said that, I've not really seen a decent comparison pic for their scale, so maybe they might be OK, but the picture of them here makes them look a little on the small side comparatively.

Honestly, I'm thinking that some of the more "primitive" looking models (Untamed Beasts, Corvus Cabal, and Splintered Fang) would make good Ratskins, especially for N18 and the scale creep.
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