Van Saar 2nd champion skill?


Oct 6, 2013
Exeter, UK
Hello all, I wanted to pick everyone’s brains on a skill for my second champion.
We have just started a campaign and at the end of my first game I acquired a second champion. I already have a champion with plasma gun and fast shot and a leader with overlord. The second champion is equipped with an energy shield and plasma pistol. (As you can tell I come up against a lot of goliaths)
Any help would be appreciated guys and thanks in advance.
Hop shooting workers for me. Give the champion a combi melta and the double move and shoot some o e to the face when they get close
That’s not a bad, atm my gang has wracked up a very large volume of credits in one game. Mainly downtown some lucky dice rolls and an amazingly written GM campaign game :) holding up a corner shop HAha