N18 Van Saar loadout for my first campaign

Hello guys! I'm going to take part in 5 man campaign soon and can't decide how to build my gang. There will be another Van saar, Orlock, Goliath and GSC gangs. I want to ask you for some advice about my own loadout, concidering my opponents prebuilds:
Goliath has 7 guys, champs with Renderizer and Krumper, leader with stub-plasma pistol and chaisword, gangers runs smokes and one grenade launcher.
Orlock bought heavy stubber for first champ, 2 pistols and demo-charge for second one, overseer leader and gangers with shotgun and autoguns - also 7 guys in gang.
Van saar wants to play around rad-phage weapons.
GSC is friend of a friend so I did't see his gang yet.
I enjoy plasma, good saves and 6+ man crew, so here is build I tried in skirmish fight:
Scorched ones
Goliaths have smoke, and as they as Orlocks surely will try to shorten the distance - maybe I should concider taking champion with rad cannon for it's 5'' blast? Or some fighter with pistols?


Gang Hero
I'd swap the second champs plasmagun for a combi-plasma. That'll save you 25 creds. Max power is the only difference and you'll rarely want to use it anyway due to unstable.

Then get a proper weapon for your other champ. Bs2+ is ridiculously good and wasted on a lasgun. I assume u have a plan to get him a better weapon later using savvy trader?


Sep 18, 2018
Halmstad, Sweden
I'd swap the second champs plasmagun for a combi-plasma.
I second this.

Also, you might want to look at some more interesting skills for your Leader and Champion. Inspirational is pretty meh. And while Savvy trader helps your long term development, it doesn't really help you win games.

Among the shooting skills, there are some pretty awesome ones. Fast shot and Trick shot are both amazing.
Feb 27, 2018
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
fast shot on a plasma champ makes bad guys go splat ( i run 2 champs with fast shot) one with plasma gun one with a Longrife. if you can manage to not get pinned or have to move you become a beast