N18 Van Saar, Prometheum allies? Lot of questions

Opinions tend to vary on Neoteks. Most people find them good, some people find them great. The ability to take a Lasgun makes them extra useful, since they can act as high movement lasgunners if you're not running them up close to flame, web or throw grenades. I like them because they help address a VS weakness: low movement. Being able to rapidly redeploy part of my gang is useful to me.

I started a thread on here awhile back regarding web pistols vs hand flamers on Neoteks. The consensus seemed to be that hand flamers are good, but web pistols are better. I wouldn't take two unless I was in an uber competitive meta.

I tend to just stick with lasguns for neoteks at the start, but I like to start with two. On such a fast platform the hand flamer is indeed good, but to me, it's a higher priority to have 8 bodies; that 70 point hand flamer makes it a bigger challenge.
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