N17 Van Saar Revealed

Discussion in 'Tribe News' started by Deleted member 9968, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. WillingSand

    WillingSand Ganger

    The guy with the transparent shield wields a melta gun right? And there is some kind of energy staff...

    Also spotted all kinds of plasma weaponry, combat shotgun, lasguns and autopistols, me thinks
  2. Baron Bulb

    Baron Bulb New Member

    Looks very similar to the recent Yu Jing faction models for Infinity, which is a good thing. Will be getting these guys eventually, never liked the old Van Saar due to that long period of time where that Tech skill spam was abusable.....
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  3. I presume mean that in a good way, they are dark green which fits with the Van Saars... would you more like them to be bright pink? :)
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  4. Tiny

    Tiny Hive Guilder
    Tribe Council

    I guess I should probably acquaint myself with the new fluff. Sounds daft that gangs on a random hive world would have access to advanced and alien tech though.
  5. Trafalgar Law

    Trafalgar Law Gang Hero

    Supposedly they've got an old standard template construct machine from before the Imperium.
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  6. Malo

    Malo YakTribe Mechanicum
    Staff Member Yak Founder

    The dark green mixed with the pink.
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  7. Tiny

    Tiny Hive Guilder
    Tribe Council

    More daftness. They've had this machine for 10,000+ years and nobody ever let slip to the Mechanicus?

    The old fluff made sense where they simply made better quality weapons than the other houses. Lower hive houses manufacturing Xenos tech and Mechanicus level tech just doesn't fit well into the grander universe. Someone butchered the fluff for N17 good and proper.
  8. Modhail

    Modhail Ganger

    They look cool (if a bit "Infinity"). The robotic snake stapled to all their heads weirds me out a bit, I'm curious what the background for that is?
    Also, is it me or is N17 the "Gluteus Maximus" edition? Noticed it on the Escher and Goliath and here again, all rock-hard clenched cheeks... The pucker factor must be off the charts in the underhive!
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  9. pr01e

    pr01e Ganger

    but it also irradiates them because its damaged, hence the protective suits with extra life support (probably something to do with those cables)

    they also trade escher amazonian pregnancy meds for rad-away, and explains why some of their flesh is saggy and pale (one of the masked guy looks particularly irradiated), maybe also why the female's hair fell out
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  10. Sethmerlin666

    Sethmerlin666 Gang Hero
    Honored Tribesman Yak Comp 1st Place

    Booty is the new bounty
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  11. ThreeDice

    ThreeDice Gang Hero

    Was going to make a crack about a beardless, bald, pretty Van Saar, then realised it was a woman! So the Orlocks were the the first to get a conceptual mixed-sex gang, Van Saar first to have it on the table. Good step, though I am curious why the devs chose them as a starting point. Hopefully this means they've been/are working on female bodies for the other gangs, too.

    In terms of customization, it will be interesting to compare the body sizes and what arms are interchangeable. Some of those bodies with the large, single piece of armour could be unisex. I wonder how many heads are compatible with the visible female; we've seen at least two. Bets on any more, or nah? I reckon nah, myself.

    As there are women in the box, and the high-tech weapons are sleeker, they may be Escher friendly for converting, too. That being said, I can't imagine even GW would release one gang with all of those weapons and leave everyone else in the lurch, so the upgrades will probably drop soon. It will also be interesting to see if any Escher heads fit on the female body.

    Not overly keen on the aesthetic, especially the neck-worms, clear shields, magical girl staff or four-eyed helmets, but there's a lot to be excited about with this kit. Still holding out hope for amazeballs Cawdor, and this feels like a good sign?
  12. Sjuuu

    Sjuuu Juve

    Awesome, those armors are looking super cool!
  13. Orngog

    Orngog Ganger

    I calls them froghoppers!

    But yeah interesting redesign, notably some are standing on blocks of various design, which is a first for geedub plastic "troops". Most all of them only have one foot on the ground, something tells me these folk may be good for cannibalizing
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  14. MusingWarboss

    MusingWarboss Gang Hero

    I thought they looked very much like the Borg from Star Trek. In fact it’s like they nicked the entire design concept from Star Trek!

    I guess they don’t capture... they assimilate!!



    Time to visit The Sump? ;)
  15. ThreeDice

    ThreeDice Gang Hero

    Good catch on the box, that's interesting; looks like grenades? I like the idea of having them on a base like that instead of cluttering up the model.

    Also like the open hands.
  16. maxwellrpower

    maxwellrpower Gang Hero
    Honored Tribesman

    I really like the models but I’ve gotta say I’m right with @Tiny on the ridiculousness of an Underhive gang being allowed to get away with holding onto an STC, how would that possibly be allowed?
  17. MusingWarboss

    MusingWarboss Gang Hero

    Well if they were subtle about it and didn’t use it to generate really powerful weaponry and technology and then walk about brazenly with all of that on displ... oh.
  18. pr01e

    pr01e Ganger

    like most of the hive it may have advantages but it is a double edged sword, literally bleeding radiation into most all of van saar's territory. also it doesn't contain any NEW designs the Ad Mech doesn't already have, I mean the van saar aren't creating land raider or storm talon variants but rather plasma cannons and environmental protection suits, maybe gear from planetary colonial times, nothing to secure an advantage in 40k. it may just not be worth the Ad mechs time and effort to recover the damaged and barely usable schematics in a dangerous irradiated stc.
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  19. Malo

    Malo YakTribe Mechanicum
    Staff Member Yak Founder

    It's probably an STC for Stub Guns only.
  20. cardyfreak

    cardyfreak Executive Officer in charge of Radishes
    Staff Member Necromunda Custodian Tribe Council Yak Supporter

    I think these models look decent, but I’ll never have any love for the chin hiders haha! Wonder if that shield will be a mirror shield like the Jakara Spyrers use?
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