N17 Van Saar Revealed

Discussion in 'Tribe News' started by Deleted member 9968, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. It does seem odd to me that whoever painted the minis didn't paint the hands to be gloves, I can't see the Van Saar not wearing gloves considering their condition.

    I have noticed we are great at coming up with bad things about the gangs before they come out, and some without even reading the fluff :)
  2. ThreeDice

    ThreeDice Gang Hero

    Hmmm... wonder how long it will take me to hollow the minis with shields so I can stick a light in them and make the clear plastic more bearable, and how much blood I will lose to my one in a million blade of self destruction. I think blue would look all nice and glowy.
  3. cole frehlen

    cole frehlen Ganger

    I love them! I haven't even been able to buy the orlocks yet, and I already know I want these! Fitting an led looks like it shouldn't be too difficult, just some careful drilling? Only problem then is wiring up the switch and battery...
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  4. pr01e

    pr01e Ganger

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  5. Space Truckin

    Space Truckin Gang Hero

    Happy to see these are not on the chunky side like the orlocks and newer space marine releases.

    I bet they will look awesome painted up in different colors.
  6. Jacob Dryearth

    Jacob Dryearth Gang Hero

    Interesting design, I definitely see the Infinity influence. Are the head cables supposed to be mechandrites? The many-eyed helmets mimic spiders.

    Looks like the old minis will not mix in very well.
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  7. maxwellrpower

    maxwellrpower Gang Hero
    Honored Tribesman

    I sort of doubt that the ad mech are too worried about radiation. Actually really happy about the minis though :D
  8. Jacob Dryearth

    Jacob Dryearth Gang Hero

    Is it just me, or does it look like the two female model have the same arms and gun backs, with the front of the guns being interchangeable. Plasma or... whatever the other design is- bolt, auto?
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  9. The_Worker

    The_Worker Gang Champion

    I love this. My only gripe is that the ratio of female to male bodies is 1:4 rather than 2:3, which is what I would have expected. Still, excellent to see! High hopes for Delaque, Cawdor, Scavvies, etc now.

    Can't wait to get these. :D
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  10. MusingWarboss

    MusingWarboss Gang Hero

    I’ll be honest, it’s kinda hard to see but I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s mostly a one/two piece sculpt on the sprue and her arms are fixed as they’re slimmer than the males. So it may be that guns and head are the only swappable bits.

    Maybe they’ll make some resin extra bits but if she is very fixed pose that’s a shame as all the ladies will be running and looking down their left arm.
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  11. Jason7796

    Jason7796 Ganger

    Not bad. Hoping new weapons from soon!
  12. DerekDecker

    DerekDecker Ganger

    They look like Goliath kit, with a body and Front plate armor separated, so you can put the front plate of the female one on any body you want.
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  13. Jason7796

    Jason7796 Ganger

    That a interest take on spruce
  14. ntw3001

    ntw3001 Gang Hero

    I like the bodies, not so hot on the helmets and head-cables. These guys with Mad Robot heads might be a good way to go. Would the juve heads maybe work on the female bodies? I don't know.
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  15. cogetama

    cogetama Ganger

    I guess there will also be 20 heads and probably enough without masks to have a full unmasked gang. Head cables look optional too.
  16. ntw3001

    ntw3001 Gang Hero

    I onno, I thought that would be the case with Goliaths and actual hair but they're mostly accessorised. Either way, an opportunity to use the Mad Robot heads is good for me! Just... they'll be the wrong scale to fit with my current Van Saar, so I'll probably retain my ambition to one day produce a Van Saar gang with third-party bits. Keeping a close eye on Anvil Industry's Afterlife range, they have the look I want but don't currently lend themselves to conversion.
  17. I absolutely love these. I was gonna get into Necromunda with the Orlocks, but the issues with the rules side of things put me off a bit, but I don't think I can resist with these.
  18. WillingSand

    WillingSand Ganger

    Anyone knows if the resin weapon kits from Forgeworld will be available around the same time as van Saar? Right now my Goliath feel an urge to gear up properly before facing these guys and gals here... :)
  19. cardyfreak

    cardyfreak Executive Officer in charge of Radishes
    Staff Member Necromunda Custodian Tribe Council Yak Supporter

    GW say ‘you won’t have to wait too long for these guys’. Wonder if the original ‘one-Gang-per-quarter’ release schedule has been moved forward to a closer release schedule? And what will that mean for the quality of the rules that come out alongside them? :ROFLMAO:
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  20. Tiny

    Tiny Hive Guilder
    Tribe Council

    I hope so. I really want some Cawdor minis and care nought for the quality of the drivel rules.
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