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    So why would they produce weapons for him and then different weapons for themselves? Just seems like a waste. Just arm your thugs with the surplus of goods you already produce.
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    eh, I'll wait until the backstory is in my hand before I get too involved in the specifics.
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    An STC has always traditionally been a database containing plans to build stuff. That is what House Van Saar have and what the Mechanicus will do almost anything to acquire. It provides them with the knowledge to build a bunch of different things. You would still need an Autogun factory or a lasgun factory or a Plasma Cannon factory.
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    1. The house don't want people to use their pattern, their house pattern is their pride.
    2. The imperium need a uniform weapon pattern, they don't care about petty clan house pattern. Adopting pattern from petty clan house (and shunning their) is also an insult.
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    You do realize that even in real life, women’s body armor comes in different cup sizes? Reality is unrealistic... :sleep:
  6. FerociousBeast

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  7. Tiny

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    Can you point me in the direction of this particular fluff?
  8. SirFrog

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    Maybe they produce gear in low volume that gets bought up by specialist units, private armies or specific Guard regiments (their armament is supposedly left pretty loose, they just tend to settle on lasguns for reliability, logistics and ease of use). If only one house on one planet can produce all these items, it makes sense that it's not standard issue. They were always wearing fancy bodysuits and I'm sure plenty of military and paramilitary organisations would have liked a go with those.
  10. Wow, I like them and count me in, too.
    Also, I like it very much that this time there are female and male gangers.

    Only the face masks look a bit strange and unfamiliar to me,
    but maybe it helps if you do not highlight them as armor but as sensors (eyes)?

    Apparently also new modular scenery was shown, which could be well suited for house Cawdor?
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  11. MusingWarboss

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    They’re obviously knock-offs they produce for themselves when the factories have a bit of downtime. That’s why they don’t work as well. (Ammo roll!)

    It’s a bit like real life where companies get products made in China, then they find a whole load of cheap knockoffs are produced in the same factories from the same plans/molds outside of work hours. ;)

    Of course the real reason is that GW have decided to make each gang like a mini-army with completely unique kit, even though really it kinda goes against the idea that they’re gangs.

    They’re less “gangs” really and more like highly connected criminal organisations.

    I think it’s one guy who designed all of that actually and probably this new stuff too. It’s all designed to be interconnected.

    @RayDranfield on Twitter. Give him a follow if you Twitter.
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    Mostly my speculation, based on a few thing from the book, since it is never specificly stated it can be interpret in many version, if you don't like the "house clan don't want people to use their pattern"

    Assuming the house don't really care if people use their guns or not and they just dump every they don't need to the merchant guild and the house.. It still woudn't really go well for general use :
    1. Escher "made in china" lasgun might not work well, or be as durable as a standard issue las weapon, since they're so cheap, something must be wrong.(or maybe it's their secret)
    2. Goliath-made weapon pattern are absolutely unusable for anyone but giant muscle man like them (like orgyn). No one would want a one hand automatic grenade launcher.
    3. Orlock made giant drum auto weapon are seemingly superior to any other similar kind auto weapon with much larger capacity, but it's also come with a problem that said drum magazine and might be gun component are not common issue and would be a pain to adopt for mass military use.
    4. same for Van saar, their high tech weapon might be too difficult to maintain or some component are not easy to find outside of house Van Saar.

    Again, the people who demand such large amount of weapon are organized military force like Astra Militarum, they pay money for these weapons, so it make sense they demand it to be unified under one pattern, no matter what house, or anyone made them. Maybe if you're doing trade deal with Ork or Genestealer Cultist , or donating weapon for free then any pattern of any kind would do.
  13. I think about it all the time, how they painted the Van Saar.
    Could this possibly indicate a camouflage device?
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    Will be interesting to see how they differentiate between the ancient/advanced/alien technology of Van Saar and the ancient/advanced/alien technology of the Spyrers.

    I can see myself using a sprue of these for conversion bits and general curiosity, but a whole gang of them is something I'm not interested in. Should have enough relics for that.

    There's a lot that is good in the kit, though, and I hope that trend continues.
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    I love how they've ditched the ponytails for mechadendrites/neurolinks/matrix-jacks/wiry bits.
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    Wonder what kind of armor save these guys are going to get. Looks rather heavier than Orlock mesh.
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    Even playing legacy rules with mesh armour the Van Saars feel pretty durable compared to other gangs. An even better save would feel a bit OP for Necromunda to me!
    I’ve been enjoying the look on my opponents face when I keep rolling 5s and saving EVERYTHING :p
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    The STC in Dan Abnett's "First and Only" definitely made stuff ("iron men"). But yeah, the Van Saar STC is supposed to be broken/corrupted.
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  20. Hi

    I think these look ace. Wonder if they will get Hot-shot lasguns? I wonder if the 4-eyed helmets are going to have rules?

    Very interested to see how this gang will work on the table-top. I imagine with all that tech they are going to eat into your Credit stash very quickly.

    As for the background and the STC thing . . . when did 40K ever make sense :ROFLMAO:

    Cheers for now
    Brother Axel
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