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Jul 5, 2021

I'm new in Necromunda, so I'm not sure if it is bug or feature.
I have noticed that when I add house legacy ie. cawdor to gang member, then some equipment options of that gang are still missing ie. Eviscerator.
In the Book of Peril it is said that "A fighter with a House Legacy may choose equipment from the Escher, Goliath, Van Saar, Delaque, Cawdor or Orlock House Equipment Lists.", so is there any other rule that prevents gang members from taking missing equipment options?
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Nov 5, 2014
The house weapons lists that the legacies give access to are from the Book of Peril. If you want to use weapons from HoF you’d need to talk to your arbitrator, and would need to click the Menu on the right (the three bars), then click Settings, and change the slider for Restrict Equipment to Off(red).

The Venator House Legacy rules were written before any of the “House of ___” books, before there were individual weapons lists for each type of fighter, and before specialist champions and prospects.

Eviscerators are unusual in that they are only able to be equipped specifically by House of Faith fighters that fall into the Redemptionist category, such as Zealots and Deacons, rather than the more law-abiding Cawdor half of the house.

Ps: Venators are in dire need of an update, so just chat to your players and see if they’re ok with you taking the weapons/gear that you want.
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