walking off the battlefield

Jan 28, 2017

Player 1 activates fighter
Player 2 plays a Delaque tactics card that allows him to control player 1's fighter's movement
Player 2 walks player 1's fighter off board edge
query: what happens to this fighter who was forced to walk off and where is it stated in the rules.


Gang Hero
Oct 30, 2014
Palmerston, ACT, Australia
Definitely should be in the rules section.

I believe in the current version of the rules you can’t leave the board unless there is a specific rule for that scenario that allows you to, and the number of scenarios that allow you to walk off the board edge are limited.

Even where they do exist they are usually restricted to who can leave the board edge and in what circumstances they can.

In general if there is not a rule that says you can do something then you can’t do it in game.