Warp Rift 40! Bringing the fourth tyrannic war into Battlefleet Gothic and more!


Nov 10, 2022
Heya everyone!

This time I am really happy to announce the release of Warp Rift 40! Yes, another milestone has been reached. Awesome that this is still possible after all those years. Yay, thanks to all readers & contributors!

This issue brings the Fourth Tyrannic War into Battlefleet Gothic with Solblade. Some new special rules give you the oppurtunity to attempt special scenarios in which only a few elite vessels need to stop the Tyranid horde! With swarm bases to ease the movement time. And if you don't have the miniatures paper cutouts have been added. So, please have some fun with that and get back to us and tell your tales (and ideas!).

But there is more with a painting guide to just released Ork Starter fleet; campaign additions for the Tau, competition winners and more!