Warp Rift 43! 20th anniversary edition!


Nov 10, 2022
Heya everyone!

A very special announcement: today sees the 20th anniversary of Warp Rift! Issue 43 hit the web! This years also marks the 25th anniversary of Battlefleet Gothic! So, we made a special issue with contributions of rule committee members Bob Henderson and Ray Bell; founder of Warp Rift u/CyberShadow , ace Warp Rift editor of the past u/Vaaish and some kind words of Andy Chambers himself. And a whole lot more new articles to enjoy!



I know BFG doesn't get huge popularity here but I have fond memories of discovering Warp Rift around 2010. Its amazing to see it still going after all these years and now I have the itch to dust off my orks and finish them. Thanks for linking this and all the work you put in to kewp the community going
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