Warp Rift Competition!


Nov 10, 2022
Heya everyone, I am really thrilled to announce the first ever Warp Rift competition!

In Warp Rift 40 (https://specialist-arms.com/bfg/warprift/warprift40.pdf) we published the first article of the Solblade series. For the next article we will introduce some special characters for the Solblade fleets but we also want to introduce some unique Tyranid Bioships! And that is where you come in! For this competition we ask you to write the background and rules for such a unique tyranid creature. Adding drawings or builds will certainly enhance the experience!

As an example you can check such a special Tyranid creature from Wintermans, from https://wintersbioforge.com/product-category/space-bugs/, here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CKWbRDsIKurj9nyCLgIupPce_E1v9afP/view?usp=drive_link

To get your gears up Wintersbioforge will make a voucher with a store credit of 100 euro available to the winner! Furthermore, second place will get some awesome painted swarm bases from DoublebaseFanatic and third place will be three printed Gladius frigates:

1st Place: 100 euro store credit at Wintersbioforge
2nd Place: 6 painted Swarm Bases
3rd Place: 3 printed Gladius escort (Soulforge).

Many thanks to both Wintermans, Soulforge and DoublebaseFanatic for providing these!

You can mail your entries at horizonmcr@vivaldi.net or send them to me through Discord or Instagram.

The contest closes on September 30th, 2023. And the winners will appear in Warp Rift 41 (october).

The winners will be selected by Wintermans, DoublebaseFanatic and me.
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