Necromunda Weapon comparison (Mathhamemr in AnyDice)


Gang Hero
Mar 31, 2017
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
So, I've been working with AnyDice and made a short program to compare weapon killiness against various toughness and armour (by comparing the probability to both wound and get through armour). What I've failed to do is add the ability for it to calculate the probability for rapid fire weapons, so I have to manualy multiply the probability by 1.6 (average number of hits from rapid fire trait). If you want to mess around with it, change parameters in the Output line.

Originally my line of thought was to exclude to-hit chance in the calculations, since by making all weapons 'autohit', we can directly compare raw power of them. Also weapons have different short ranges, accuracy bonuses and shooter could have varying ballistic skill. However, accuracy seems to affect weapons somewhat unequally.
For example, a boltgun shooting at a T3 SV4+ target has a brutal chance of 70% to inflict damage. Lasgun is at 25% against the same target. However, if shooter, say, had a 50% chance to miss, then bolter's lethality would drop to 35% compared to lasgun's 12.5%, a lot less drastic difference.

Am I comparing weapons correctly? Perhaps multiplying a single hit probability by 1.6 does not reflect rapid fire properly?
I haven’t used AnyDice before but the script you have looks like a simple comparison between a S3 and a S4 weapon.

How does it help you compare a single weapon against multiple Toughness, armour (and wound?) profiles, which is your stated objective?

Are you trying to compare different weapons against the same target or the same weapon against different target?

There is a lot that goes into a weapons “killiness” including accuracy of the shooter, distance to the target, likeliness of cover of the target, toughness of the target, armour of the target, number of wounds of the target. And all of that is before you even start looking at weapon traits that modify specific rolls.

I built something similar to the above in excel a year or two ago and the best way I could see results shown was in a series of tables which showed the number of wounds inflicted by a specific strength weapon against a specific toughness and wounds target.

Rapid fire and scattershot make the calculations more complicated because they complicate the direct link between the number of dice rolled to hit and the number of dice rolled to wound.

The number of wounds a target has also has a significant effect on the killiness of a weapon as it make D1 rapid fire less effective than a D2 weapon.