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Dec 1, 2021
Hi all, so we are in a campaign and I am playing Delaque (I know, don't hate me). Obviously I have a range of web weapons, it's what the Delaque do best but I have just aquired the Archeotech device and wondered what the synergy is between Blaze and Webbed?

How do/would you play the combination? Some of my group feel that blaze should burn the web away which would effectively mean I'm just investing in marginally cheaper, unstable flamers. Personally I think both conditions should be applied (if I've invested the creds and am willing to risk blowing myself up every shot why wouldnt I?) but I'm biased as it's me in control of the territory for now.

Also, if webs (a chemical based weapon) burn up because of blaze, how would you rule for the combination with toxin or gas weapons?



Jun 14, 2015
There's nothing in the rules to support web being "burned away" by Blaze, the two traits work perfectly well together.

If you're webbed you're treated as being SIed, and if you're then subject to Blaze when you activate you don't move and the flames go out (After suffering a S3 AP-1 D1 hit) on a 4+ (6+2 from being pinned/SIed).


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Dec 1, 2021
That's pretty much the conclusion I had but as it's being argued I thought I'd ask. Is there any fluff to support one way or the other?
Dec 24, 2021
Just there is no rule that says webs can get burned up or that you can't have both effects. So as JayTee says if you just follow the rules both effects can work together and there is no rule to say otherwise.


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Dec 29, 2017
Fighters can already be webbed and ablaze at the same time. The only "new" thing you discovered was that a single weapon applies both. Instead of first being hit by one trait, then subsequently being hit by the other.

If you want fluff reasons, you can justify either way and potentially house rule accordingly. If you want the web to burn away, fine, fighters ablaze lose web. If you want to follow official rules, fine, the upgraded web weapon now shoots heated copper wires, potentially with a battery to keep it burning. Or it could be an experimental acid web that chemically burns. Note that "Blaze" doesn't have to be fire/burning. Acid rounds are represented with Blaze, even though it is acid, not fire.

From my point of view, when discussing stuff like this, there are 3 different aspects to consider:
  1. Balance (does it break the game or is it completely useless?)
  2. Functionality (does it work mechanically in the game?)
  3. Fluff (as you are asking for, does it make sense)
Personally it's been years ago since I discovered alot of the official territories are broken in terms of balance, and in particular the archeotech one you mention. Both web and blaze are very strong traits individually. Combining them is too good in my opinion, and also possibly one reason why no weapons include both (unmodified). There are no problems with functionality/mechanically combining web & blaze RAW as far as I know. Whether it makes sense fluff-wise is entirely subjective and up to you and your friends to decide.
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Sep 18, 2018
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I don't think it's even close to overpowered. Adding both Blaze and Unstable makes a weapon worse, not better. A lot worse, in fact. Your opponents should be cheering you on for using the territory, not complaining.
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