N18 Western necromunda


Gang Hero
Jun 12, 2022
My group is running a Western themed campaign this year. Renaming territories with a western theme, gun slingers space bug cattle drives, moonshine, bounty hunters and Stetsons etc.
One of my gangs, we typically run two each to add variety, is a Outcast gang headed up by the Ashwood Stranger, because he is super cool and just screams western wandering lawman gunslinger, a champion with grenade launcher, just because it's a great weapon, and a wyrd champion/shaman with the usual cast of motley crew scum.
One of my primary opponents is a slave Ogryn gang.
The lovable hug monsters will be packing lobo slaves galore and the usual heavy hitters.

Any suggestions on dealing with all that toughness 5?
The lack of specialist cuts down on initial big gun firepower.
Possibly a horde of cheap firepower for attrition or possibly Photon Flash and concussion grenade/rounds to disrupt them, especially the unpinnable lobo slaves, until a bigger gun can take them out slowly.
You could choose Delaque affliction for your outcasts. They would get access to a variety of interesting pistols, like plasma, web and grav. There's nothing like a plasma on full power to reinstall the fear of the Emperor to those pesky rebel ogryns, and pistols would go well with the western gunslinger theme as well.

Of course there are other houses, guilds and organizations that will also get the plasma pistol, like Eschers. With girl power you could give your gangers shock whips too, and theme them to be ash waste cattle drivers.