WFB 4th / 5th editon mini campaign

Hi everyone,

My youngest son and I have posted some games of WFB 4th edition on youtube. I am trying to regain some of the nostalgia I had for the game back in the early 90's. Feel free to check it out and let us know what you think. We are still learning video processing and stuff so go easy on us if you can.. (if not we have Orc thick skin..) lol

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Feb 8, 2013
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Hi mate, I'll be honest, I've only skimmed the first 20 mins of the empire v chaos, but it's looking pretty good. You've got the lighting and camera at pretty much optimal setup for what you can achieve using a fixed camera style (the alternative is how miniwargaming do theirs with a hand held or head mounted camera, but they are doing it professionally).

One thing I will say, you intro'd your campaign/territory and said they 500pts stay with you... you didnt have a little zoom in on the models and cover what is in each force (unless I missed it). That would help a bit, even if it was recorded seperatly and jsut spliced into the vid at the start (so you can then do it seperatly to having the camera on its fixed position).

You talk throughout, which is great. lots of people forget or start off on tangents after a while. Probably due to your lad being there, but either way it really helps with the vid. Explaining what you're doing makes it a better vid.

Think I will watch the rest of them next weekend to accompany my painting!
Thanks so much for the feedback, and also for watching our videos, Spafe! Much appreciated. I think on most of our videos we added the forces if not through a picture of them at the start. I will try to do that for all videos moving forward. The rules we are using for the campaign have now been formally written up in the first edition of the HeroHammer Fanzine. It was good to get them out there for others to enjoy. Cheers!
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