N18 What do you use for your Caravan?


Jan 19, 2018
When somebody picks/rolls the caravan heist mission what do you use to represent the titular vehicle?

I love the flavour of this mission, but so much can go wrong without putting in a lot of foresight, since

- the table needs a clear route (or multiple routes) from one side to the other that is at least as wide as your caravan

- the length of the caravan model indirectly determines the length of the game, due to it starting with its rear in contact with a board edge

- the size/surface detail of the caravan model can determine how many defenders get to ride it

- the length of the caravan model can indirectly determine how much "clear" or "safe" space the attacker has to loot along

As Arbitrator for my group I'm looking for fair guidelines. My initial, untested instincts are that the Caravn should be about 6" long (for a 4' table) and have room for at least 6 riders (maybe more?). On one hand it seems a little unfair to let a full gang ride along in un-chargeable, mobile light cover, but on the other hand it's ridiculous to expect non-riding fighters with 4" or 5" movement -- which costs 50% of their action potential -- to tag along with the compelled-to-move target and still stay relevant in the fight


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Nov 25, 2017
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The galvanic servo hauler model with a munitorium container makes for a decent option. 4 non goliath bases fit on top of the container with options for another 4 inside depending on how you model it. Plus the whole thin fits under a large blast marker which helps to balance things out nicely.


Jan 19, 2018
Interesting suggestions!

I'm observing a caravan game between two friends later tonight and we'll probably end up using a "Hot Wheels Super Transporter" toy that I found at a goodwill store and repainted to use as terrain (before the caravan mission was published).


I'd love to use the whole thing, because it has the right scale for a large transport operation, but given that it's 18"+ long I think it would start with its nose too close to the objective board edge and make the game too short. It would also make the ass-end of the thing too easy to pilfer loot from, since it's unlikely that a gang could effectively defend the whole length against an opponent specifically targeting one section.

Luckily, the front part detaches from the trailer section (and also has platforms that pop out, and have room for models to stand on, as seen in the second pic)

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Aug 23, 2011
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I think if you played on a 4'x4' table that at 18" long, if the tail end was butted up against the table edge, you would have 30" of movement to the other end of the 4' length. That can be broken up into a handful of turns if the caravan is trying to go from one end to the other even if it moves 8"-10" per turn, especially if there are some form of terrain used to create some S bend or something to the road. The micromachine hauler looks great and could easily outfit like up to 15 gangers on top, though I don't think a gang of like 6-8 rooftop passengers would leave it undefended. I think if you modeled some pulpitted platforms onto it for minis to be placed on and gave it a slick paintjob it could be right good to go :)(y)


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Feb 4, 2014
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Late to the party, but I use an old GorkaMorka trukk, with Digga crew (so, human) . About 6" long, and can hold 4 figs on 25mm bases. It packs easily, so I have it available if we roll up the scenario. I think any vehicle will do, it's all about imagination. The thing about the scenario is on a 4' x 4' table, if the pathway for the Caravan is straight, the game goes quick. Defenders on foot have a hard time keeping up. But, the Attacker doesn't have a lot of time to loot. A longer caravan would exacerbate this. But, having the path meander a bit lengthens the game.