What does equipment used by Bratts look like?

Discussion in 'Hive Lore and Background' started by Ravanas, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. Ravanas

    Ravanas New Member

    I've been working on converting a bratt gang from Confrontation back in Ye Olden Tymes but using newer plastics minis. Bratts being the kids of noble families who go down to the underhive to be hellions and stir up trouble before fleeing to the safety of the upper hive. Not death hunt style like Spyrers, but more like bored skaterpunks.

    I've been pondering what exactly their gear would look like. It is nicer stuff since they're noble, but does that mean its manufactured by the Van Saar?

    I figure they'd have some chem injectors similar to Eschers. Maybe not full still suits like Van Saar, but something with respirators and Geiger counters.

    f they're upper hive would they have access to alien tech like rogue traders? Spyrer tech is pretty foreign from the look of Imperial tech. Maybe elegant and ancient looking like Mechanicus small arms?

    Waiting on a bits order and then I'll start posting progress pics over in the relevant forum.
  2. Stoof

    Stoof Yakmarines 2nd Co. Word Priest
    Tribe Council Yak Comp 2nd Place

    As you say, more elegant or advanced versions of standard 40k weaponry. Escher and Van Saar weapons are likely to fit the bill. Check out @jonbo's minis thread - he's put a lot of effort into collecting and converting Bratts.
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  3. Ardavion

    Ardavion Gang Hero

    This blog post might help; it covers a lot of background imagery/inspiration/history for brats.

    Edit: Did not know that it was related to @jonbo - amazing work in general!
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  4. Ravanas

    Ravanas New Member

    Yea! Jonbo's post on that is on my perma bookmarks. Nice it have all the published background on it centralized.

    My question on alien tech actually originated from that since the crystal gun used by Dance Macabre looks suspiciously like a splinter pistol ;)
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  5. Punktaku

    Punktaku Un-Dis-Honored
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    Did you catch the final thanks on that? I'm pretty sure that that's @jonbo he's referring to.
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  6. jonbo

    jonbo Gang Champion
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    Thanks for all the tags folks! The old Confrontation models have really nice elegant weapons that are still Imperial, yet have something of an Eldar feel about them. I'd definitely look at current Escher weapons - the duelling pistol grips seem perfect for Bratts, although I don't think I'd use feathers myself. I've also used a number of old metal Harlequin arms - it might be worth taking a look at those (or the current plastic kit).

    To save you trawling through the thread with all my other gangs, you can check out all my Bratts on my blog: http://magpieandoldlead.blogspot.com/search/label/Brat Gang

    My buddy JB has also done some lovely work with his Bratts: http://leadplague.blogspot.com/search/label/Bratts
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  7. Thorgor

    Thorgor Of The YAQ

    Could these guys be a modern take on Brats?

    They dont have 80s hair (well, it's not the 80s anymore), but they share the harlequin aesthetics.
    At the very least, they should be uperhivers and wield weapons similar to those of the brats.
    Eldar harlequins and Escher should be a good starting point for bits indeed.
  8. Punktaku

    Punktaku Un-Dis-Honored
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    the one on the right looks like an emo reimagining of one of those old Bratts.
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  9. Ravanas

    Ravanas New Member

    Somehow I let the two of your bleed together in my head >_< Both of you helped reignite my memories of the old Confrontation minis.

    I did pick up the new harlequin minis with the intent of converting at least one to look like some of the classic Dance Macabre-ish Bratts in this pic Brat+VS+Tech.jpg

    The rest of my crew is leaning more towards the Fright Knights or Jaggers.

    I saw that pic last night and hoped similarly: maybe a hunting excursion of upper hivers. I liked that Bratts were literally the spoiled kids of nobles and they dressed like contemporary scene kids. I'm out of touch with The Scene these days, so I don't know what scene kids look like now but I hope it is not that :p
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  10. Punktaku

    Punktaku Un-Dis-Honored
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    Try googling "cybergoth underpass rave"
  11. Aulenback

    Aulenback Gang Hero

    Personally, I think it looks solidly like a neuro-disruptor, a Rogue-Trader-book-era weapon for the eldar, and shortly thereafter specifically for the harlequins.

    It has the same silhouette, and J.G. sculpted several of the ones found on extant models. The "solitaire" in this image has one:
    As does the new plastic/resin warlock/shadowseer:

    Definitely rare, foreign, xenos technology. Even for the Eldar, and certainly for mere humans. [Hee!]

    And I thought similarly to @Thorgor ; those two do very much look like a re-envisioning of slumming up-Hivers, which is to say Brats.
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  12. Stoof

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    The pistol could have even more alien origins befitting the strange and rare equipment that might filter down through rogue trading:


    What's a Psy-Gore of Perseus? Who the hell knows! :LOL:
  13. Aulenback

    Aulenback Gang Hero

    Yes, the Rogue Trader era “fluff” on the neuro-disruptor and on the Harlequins said the Eldar considered them rare and alien (thus not of Eldar manufacture). Rogue Traders and family heirlooms.
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  14. Punktaku

    Punktaku Un-Dis-Honored
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    well, since the Gor are part of the beastmen, maybe it's a beastmen wyrd? a planet of beastmen wyrd?
  15. Ravanas

    Ravanas New Member

    It totally is. Now I have to get my hands on that shadowseer's hands >:) My Bratts will not be complete without illegal offworld tech they raided from the family's trophy room or that Uncle Jack, the rogue trader, brought home.
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  16. andrewgpaul

    andrewgpaul Ganger

    Even if you just use the standard model weapons, they should be ornately decorated; gold, silver and jewels, polished wooden or exotic horn or bone handgrips and furniture, that sort of thing.
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