What does your name mean?


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Mar 1, 2015
Luleå, Sweden
Unlike what you may think, my name is not derived from any noble anthropomorphic amphibian you may think you know, such as Chrono Trigger. Rather, it's wordplay on my actual name, which will remain hidden. There's also a family myth that we have some kind of noble heritage (which doesn't really matter and is probably bollocks). I don't know if that sort of stuff is rare on the mainland or the UK, but Sweden kind of got rid of its nobility a long-ass time ago. The "Sir" is a nod to that.

Besides, I've always liked frogs.


Nov 8, 2017
Tamworth, Australia
On topic,
Chef0death came about as an xbox live handle from my 2 housemates from my bachelor days. UnmercifulBoi and TBAGcombo. We were unstoppable online in battlefield 4.
Anyway, Brad (unmercifulboi) was a very notorious BF4 player and I was a very well regarded chef with a legendary temper, and in BF4 he used to say I dished death in unique ways, and this chef0death was born.

It also became my email address and I get more than a few chuckles from people when I give it to them.

Regarding the chefs temper, I had an extensive following and a lot of demand for my cooking in the region I live, and id been known to throw full dishes of food at incompetent and undermining staff and bar tenders.

In my current career in venue management the staff love me because im nice and easy going and encouraging, customers love me because im friendly and accomodating. But when the black chef jacket comes out instead of the suit and tie, that black temper comes right back!

I think its the feral country boy in me.


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Nov 1, 2017
So I am of above average height and called Alan, so my nickname at school was big Al. Then my brother and sister decided to pronounce it as a single word, but when written "Biggal" looks like big girl so I write it as Biggle. Lastly my better half calls me her teddy bear, which is an image I'm fond of. Henceforth I adopted the internet handle and fictional character of a heroic teddy bear called Biggle Bear.


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Nov 2, 2017
Osborne Park WA 6017, Australia
Mine is also funnily enough car related... kind of. I always had a thing for dragons.. they fly, breath fire, and are just generally the stuff of legend.. When i brought my first car (xb coupe- mad maxs interceptor base model). It had a cracked centre cap on the steering wheel. Not having the cash to get a new recon steering wheel at the time i stuck a dragon decal over the crack that fit perfectly from the surf brand Dragon. From then forward it was dubbed the green dragon, and boy was it a characterful mistress. I kept the trend going with my other cars and now apparently forum tags.
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Coenus Scaldingus

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Apr 29, 2018
After several iterations of names vaguely based on my real name, each themed for different message boards, I ended up sort of sticking with the current one.

The first part is simply a latinised version of my real name, which used to be common for scientists in the past. It also happens to be the (latinised) name of one of Alexander the Great's generals (Koῖνος), among the most trusted (commanding the rightmost phalanx) and the one to stand up for his troops and stand up to Alexander during the "mutiny", when after years of campaigning they simply wanted to return home.
The second part is derived from the Scaldingi (singular Scaldingus), a group of Norsemen (Danes mainly) who resided on an island in the river Scheldt, which was to be a staging board for the famous Great Heathen Army. I grew up on there, so that seemed a good addition.

Big advantage of something as convulated as all that: have yet to experience a forum where this name was already taken. :D


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Mar 19, 2019
I was just joking around, because you messed up the quote (it's 'Do I feel lucky?' from Dirty Harry, and 'Go ahead, make my day' which is from Sudden Impact.)
You are right about the quote, I have seen the movies so long ago that I forgot the exact wording and only kept the essence :p
This is a nice opportunity to watch them again!