N18 What happens to fighters in CC when they get hit by a shot?


Aug 18, 2013
What happens when two fighters are in close combat and then get hit by a template? If both engaged fighters are in base to base and both get hit - what happesn to them if:
1. both het hit, neither wounded - do they remain standing and fight on? (I assume the answer is a yes)
2. one of them gets wounded and sustains a serious inrury, other one does not - are they still engaged in CC and does the standing fighter get to do Coup de grace in their next round?
3. both get wounded and sustain serious injury (this happened in one of our games) - do they continue to be in CC, and if yes - how does it continue? If not - do they have to move at least 1" from each other since they deisengaged?
1. Yes, you can never be Pinned and Engaged.
2. If they're Seriously Injured, they are no longer considered Engaged with the Standing fighter. Yes, the Standing fighter or any other fighter could Coup de Grace them.
3. As above, they are not considered Engaged when both Seriously Injured. (It would matter much if they were, since you cannot Fight when Seriously Injured anyway). They don't have to move 1" away from each other, as the 1" Rule does not apply to fighters that are Seriously Injured.