N18 What Kind of Homebrew Lore Do You Have For Your Gangs?


Oct 27, 2019
Georgia, USA
I love to hear other people’s gang lore.

For my Goliath gang I’ve been playing with the idea of making them Imperial Fist poseurs. A ganger was once on a bodyguard gig in the upper hive when he caught a glimpse of a Space Marine. He spreads the tale and begins to emulate their look. Why wouldn’t a Goliath want to pretend to be the biggest thing he’s ever seen?
My Escher gang in still in progress, but I'm going for more of a goth vibe instead of punk. Working on the "Call of the Void" phenomenon for my inspiration, which I think works well considering the Deathmaiden lore. They're not necessarily suicidal, but they don't fear death because they know they can be brought back.

As a result, they all have the pale skin and dark clothes like the Deathmaidens do. I was thinking of using purple as a colour highlight for hair and cloth to contrast the neutral black of their armour, and the white of their skin. As a result of this, I've called them the 'Void Vipers'.
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My pit slave rebellion are a mining uprising - the Miners and Labourers Union of Treacle Mine Seven. The leader and techno rallied (or in some cases reprogrammed) the others into open rebellion against their Guilder owners. One day their hope to found a Barter Town, where a bargain is a bargain.

My kroot gang were brought planetside as part of a retinue of a Rogue Trader, and ensconced with the other Xenos. But the Rogue Trader was foolish and died off-screen, leaving them contract-less and, well...


Deep into the bowels of the Underhive posing as "muties," then out into the wastes, and now committing piracy beneath the Quinspire.
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my cawdor gang are poor and stinky but despite that they........erm.........nope i got nothing:rolleyes:
my cawdor gang are poor and stinky but despite that they........erm.........nope i got nothing:rolleyes:
“The Gonorrhea Guard are a cult from House Cawdor who are always ready to smite the enemy and give them ‘The Holy Pox’ in close combat.

Feared by most other gangs in the sector, mostly because of their unhygienic practices, the Gonorrhoea Guard obtain most of their weapons from people who drop their equipment and flee at the sheer stench that emanates from them.

HOUSE RULE: Once per game a GG Cawdor fighter may choose to make an attack on an enemy fighter as if they were armed with a stiletto dagger (toxin attack), which represents the enemy catching the pox from them. “

There you go.
I've been tickled by wee bits and pieces, like my Ash Wastes Nomads being just a little community of Nomads who happen to be trying to (more or less) settle down in the dishevelled area of the Hive that was exposed to the wastes, but who were chased off by an IP Protection team of Ironhead Squats for copyright infringement (the AWN's name was too similar to the Squar's parent group) later in the campaign.

As I'd used a lot of GSC bits in the Nomads kitbashes, I'd also baked in the idea that they aren't Genestealer bits *per se*, or at least not *live* GS bits. Rather it's a wee cultural quirk where they're using hollowed out GS exo-skeleton and whatnot as armour plates and stylish adornments, a sort of GSC-chic, rather than being infected. (Infected with the fashion bug.)

Works well with Malstrain making an appearance, hopefully!

And if you disregard (or temporarily ignore) the existential peril of Genestealers at a planetary scale, makes some degree of good sense too, given the fleas, dunescuttlers, spiders, ambulls, caryatids, etc presence on Necromunda.
My gangs always have a little story behind them.

My Goliath gang "Los Fundidores de Atzlan" have latino (hispanic) nicknames like "Matador", "Chajazo" or "Diablito". They live in hab modules that have "fabelas"-vibes and a hierachy system based on latin gangs.

My Ash Waste Nomdas gang "Ikale Tahi" have polynesian nicknames, meaning the name of the gang "Sea Eagles" itself, which in my opinion is a very strong and meaningful name for a Nomad gang from the Necromunda Ash Wastes.