What makes Yaktribe special to you?

What aspects of YakTribe do you like?

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Dec 29, 2012
The Enforcers have been talking about the Sump and whether we want newbies to see that side of Yaktribe, we worry it may put some peeps off who knows. But today I posted up some Bolt Action models on my PLOG and it got me to thinking; this place has become more than just a place to talk and sump about a once forgotten GW specialist game! for me it’s a community of like minded degenerates that I couldn’t wait to share my new hobby madness with…..but Yaktribe is more than that! It’s Yakmas, it’s the Comps, its…words aren’t the Trolls strong point especially in print so have at it Yaks eloquently* explain way this place is so great. Who knows maybe it will be this happy positive thread that new peeps come across first! (Troll shakes fist at evil search algorithms)

*oooo big word, it means explain in a posh British accent.

Raven Morpheus

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Nov 19, 2017
Well for me, besides one or two unfortunate recent items, it's somewhere I can show what I'm doing in "my hobby" and seek some kind of advice on what I'm doing in "my hobby", offer some in return if it's warranted, and maybe once in a blue moon start, or interject in, a discussion, without certain unsavoury aspects creeping in. I'm not the most actively involved member though.

Although I've not long been a member here, I've been around t'interwebz a bit, and you tend to get large numbers of pro-GW or anti-GW or both, erm, disciples, on certain sites, and "discussions" get very nasty very quickly. I intentionally left one site in the past 9 months, because of that, especially as a few of the moderators were involved in actively trolling and harassing, in open "discussion" threads, certain members, for having a reasonable, albeit opposite, opinion.

It was/is like the wild west, anything goes and anyone is a target. Yaktribe doesn't seem to suffer from that.

Yaktribe also has a fantastic repository for those of us trying to obtain oop GW stuff, such as ORB/LRB Necromunda - that's what drew me here in 2017...

The random media ribbon at the top of the forums page is also occasionally amusing/interesting.
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Nov 14, 2018
This place is great, people may disagree but eve then nearly all are polite whilst doing so and those who do occasionally have a moment (as we all occasionally do in life) nearly always come back and apologise to one another.

Tools are great, and you can share your hobby art be it building, painting or those other multitude of creations that show off to much talent, you know who you are you overly skilled bast**ds..... ;P

PS the Sump is great and much needed!
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Nov 10, 2014
Møn, Denmark
The forum is what keeps me here. It feels very tribal, actually. You might not agree with all your fellow tribesmen, but in general there is great acceptance and a feel of community. And taking Necromunda as an example, there is room for a wide variety of interpretations of what a hive/dome/gang/whatever looks like, without too much "canon" being cited.
And as our enforcer mentioned the sump, it probably helped keep a few of the regulars around after N17 hit. I know it helped me move past the fact that neomunda just wasn't for me. And it probably still keeps some of the more negative comments out of other threads, though it might not be as important anymore...


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Jun 1, 2016
Ellon, United Kingdom
The forum keeps me here - we have a friendly atmosphere here which is absent on most other forums. Sure we don't all agree but it very rarely descends into carnage - even our arguments are usually respectful.

Personally I think the Sump has helped with that - people will often "take things to the sump" instead of majorly detailing other threads. It also helps that the moderators allow discussion and "non-standard" opinions to be presented and discussed - I've seen communities with an enforced positivity policy and they're never very interesting and usually short lived.

People who play ORB, NCE, N17+, Homebrew are all welcome to join in here. Anyone can post their hobbying for any system and nobody will call them out is off-topic despite this being a Necromunda community at the core. That's fantastic.

We have achieved a lot too - we've successfully run years of Christmas miniature exchanges and there have been over a dozen different YakTribe meets of various sizes and themes - all run without any off-table fights breaking out!


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Jul 12, 2011
South Wales, UK
To me, Yaktribe isn’t tools or rules resources, its the community, the forums and Tribemeets. The other bits are just sprinkles on top. I love having somewhere to respectfully (ish) disagree with mostly like minded people about my favourite things. If we all agreed on everything the world would be a dull and boring place to live.

The sump existing can only be a good thing. It means that other threads don’t get cluttered with people grumbling about GW and it saves going the route of many Facebook groups where anyone speaking ill of the GW megacorp is instantly banned.

I love all my fellow yaks, even those with whom I regularly disagree and just don’t see the same level of community spirit anywhere else on the internet. After all, where else on the internet can you have a heated argument about a new release one minute and then come together and enjoy each other’s entries in a competition or Yakmas gifts the next?

Seeing the troll posting his Bolt Action project reminds me how much I love that Yaktribe has branched out a little over recent years so it’s not just about Necromunda and Mordheim but about all manner of hobby projects. Long may that continue.


May 18, 2015
Houston, Texas
For me, this site provides a place where I can throw out ideas for the older games and also to find other viewpoints regarding all the same out of print games. I have always received some feedback from my posts, even though I think I go to places that don't need improvement or change. This is just a great site for ideas other than my own. Just by reading the forums, I get pushed in directions that I didn't know existed. Kudos!


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Jul 26, 2015
Southampton, UK
As others have said, I like the sump. Obviously, it would be nice if it were unnecessary, but I like the fact that this is a forum that allows criticism. And that criticism only emerges because everyone likes some form of Necromunda, even if they don't like everything that's happened to it since 2017.

On the whole, this is a community of people who may not agree on everything, but who are I think mostly on the same page regarding hobby stuff. Most of us have a love for the old GW specialist games and many of us seem to have spread our wings to other modern skirmish games that share the same spirit.


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Apr 4, 2017
Connecticut, USA
For me, Yaktribe means camaraderie and community. I live in a small town with more cows than people, where everything is at least a half hour drive away (more for cooler things). The few gaming things around are CCGs, some D&D, and a small 40k community I’m not really interested in. My closest FLGS has been anti-GW for decades. Finding a group of hobbyists with interests so similar to mine was a godsend. People to discuss the hobby with, share projects with, engage in contests with, learn from. And it blows my mind that I’m talking with fellow hobbyists from all around the world.

I also think the sump is a necessary evil, but it shouldn’t be the only stop one has when visiting the Tribe. You’re missing out on so much more. I think the sump wouldn’t be so bad if we all hadn’t had such high hopes for the rerelease of a game we all love so much. The thread about the upcoming release was filled with optimism, hope and dreams.

Mr. M

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Aug 1, 2019
San Jose, CA
There's nowhere else on the internet that holds a candle to Yaktribe when it comes to enthusiasm and passion for Necromunda. The creativity and humor people bring to this site every day is nothing short of inspiring. As a relatively new member of the Tribe and returning to the hobby after some decades, I have been impressed with how friendly, helpful, and encouraging everyone has been. Without the tips and comments from others of the Tribe, my road back Necromunda would have been far more difficult and far less entertaining! Yaktribe is an amazing resource, and that includes the Sump - it is important to have a place to express one's exasperation without causing too much disturbance to others' threads. Plus, some of the most hilarious posts I've read on Yaktribe were in the Sump!


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Oct 30, 2014
Palmerston, ACT, Australia
I came to this place for the tools and I stayed for the community.

The tools (for both old and new Necromunda) are some of the best hobby tools available for any game and far exceed anything that most gaming companies actually produce.

The forums are full of people that care about the game and have actual opinions but somehow doesn’t devolve into people being asses and threads constantly being locked.

It also has the fact that it is an actual forum going for it (as opposed to the unorganised stream of consciousness that social media is). If I want to find something then I actually know where to look and I can take my time and think about the answer without the post being refreshed off the page.

The competitions and gallery are really just extra nice bits that help make the community a bit closer.

As for the Sump think it should stay as it is for people to go and dump in as they need it. It’s noce to have a rubbish bin somewhere that I can go and throw my unnecessary negative energy into without having to derail someone else’s thread (and possibly make them not want to come back).


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Mar 31, 2017
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
1). Yakkers actually try to critique and analyze rules and answer related questions instead of going 'ask your arbitrator' or straight out shaming people who point out game's flaws like facebook communities do. But somehow it does not devolve into insult flinging like it usually does on 4chan's /tg/ or reddit.
2). Vault is an amazing thing. I always had a soft spot for fanmade content because while unprofessional, it usually comes from people who care about the game the most. For example, I can't imagine playing the modern game without @Xiądz 's tactical cards.
3). I don't use this site's tools for the newmunda since our group plays a very modified version of it, but I won't deny that they are very well done and could be a big help for organizing campaigns.

I don't care much about competitions or galleries.
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Nov 22, 2011
I came here off the back of the Eastern Fringe forums dying a death, wanting somewhere to talk about Necromunda. Stuck around to look at the galleries, be involved in discussions, enjoy the vault contents, and eventually enjoy attending TribeMeet and such.


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Nov 1, 2017
I'll tell you a secret to you all, but don't go telling everybody. I'm not bothered about Necromunda. I enjoy the old one, haven't read the new one, and not interested in GW products in general.

And yet I check Yaktribe on my phone a couple of times a day. That is a testament to just how much I like Yaktribe.

I was spoilt by finding this website, through my brother's recommendation, early on in my return to the gaming hobby. The community, how the website functions. It's fantastic.

And I don't feel alienated due to the fact that I'm more interested in designing games than in playing the games that are supported by the website. It just means that I spend more time in "musing of the yak" and "other tabletop games" sub-forums, or talk about designing games within the setting.

P.s. I just don't go to the sump anymore. I find it super easy to ignore.

Crazy Ivan

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Nov 5, 2019
Culemborg, the Netherlands
This is one of the friendliest, if not the friendliest, gaming communities on the interwebs. Having previously frequented the likes of Warseer (now mostly dead) and DakkaDakka, it’s very refreshing to have a community where every thread is not dominated by a few types who seem to spend all theor free time spewing negativity at people online. It’s fine to disagree and not like things (the sunp is great even if I don’t post much), but tone and respect for fellow posters is everything. I really like it here, I never feel that I have switch off because of the ridiculousness of threads like in other places.