N18 What rule book should I go for?


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Jan 3, 2023
Hi all,

Trying to get back into the game and I've read that the Ash Wastes rulebook is the latest one.

I've got the latest codex for my gang (House of Iron), is the ash waste book all I need and then I'm ready to go? (I've seen both the Hive Wars and Ash Waste books on ebay).

I think I read somewhere that Orlock Flails aren't good anymore, I assume that means there have been changes to the rules in House of Iron too, is there a place to get that information too?

Thank you for any help!
I don't know what you need. No book is complete, so if you need everything, ash wastes won't be enough. But if you need "almost" everything, it will suffice (for the time being). There are changes in virtually all books, some intentional, other mistakes. They're all logged here on yaktribe. For example House of Iron: https://yaktribe.games/community/threads/collected-errors-typos-in-the-house-of-iron.10771/ No changes reported about flail.
Also, if you want, you can get all rules here: https://yaktribe.games/community/threads/bookromunda-complete-house-rules.9513/
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That's a great tip thank you, I think it sounds like enough to get me through my first returning campaign so I will grab that.

That's a great tip too, I will look into that and add those to my own book.

Not sure where I saw something about a flail nerf but I'm happy it's still good, I really like the idea of using that, thank you very much!
Didn't say Flail was good, just that it hasn't become worse.
  • Flail 20 creds, +1WS, +1S, Entangle
There are probably other better alternatives at 20 creds:
  • Boning Sword AP-2 D2, Parry, Rending
  • Cleaver +1S, -1AP, Disarm
  • Stiletto knife Toxin (glorified S4 ignoring wounds)
  • Sword +1WS, -1AP, Parry
However, if you like Flail, I think you should take it regardless of whether it is good or not.
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Hi Topsy,

That makes a lot of sense, I'm thinking of taking them for flavour with wreckers but seeing those other items does give me some considerations.

They can equip chain swords which don't look too far off the sword that you have there so that will be exciting to build too.

Thank you very much!
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I think the only difference between rulebooks is that Ash wastes includes the trading post and black market. By design all the books add a little something to the game, like vehicle rules, psyker abilities etc... Wellywood just made a youtube video on what books are more essential than others and I felt it was a pretty good intro into what to get.
All books add some new stuff, missing some stuff, got mistakes and old outdated rules. Ash Wastes rulebook is no exception. More details here:
There are a lot of differences between rulebooks, most of them are however micro-details that few will notice.