What ruleset do you use

What is your preferred ruleset when playing Necromunda?

  • Other/house rules

    Votes: 8 2.7%
  • Necromunda Community Edition (NCE)

    Votes: 152 51.0%
  • Living Rulebook (LRB)

    Votes: 31 10.4%
  • Original Rulebook (ORB)

    Votes: 43 14.4%
  • Necromunda 2017 (N17)

    Votes: 64 21.5%

  • Total voters


Feb 25, 2016
Manchester, UK
It's SUPPOSED to be souless, it's Necromuznda!
soulless - in regards to not having any attachment to models and progressing them as stated by Stoof -
Playing with the pre-generated gangs is really nothing more than a quick boardgame way to learn the rules
by the sounds of it though, the general consensus is that NCE is better and the boardgame rules dont quite work or feel right when put back into 3D terrain or a campaign.


Apr 1, 2013
Elizabeth City, NC, USA
I think this poll is inherently outdated at this juncture and needs to be reset.

About backloading this? I absolutely feel that the NCE should look to add "Gang Unique" weapons and drop a few of their makeshift weapons they added. The House list weapons should also look to blend what is available to the gangs now and back on the old sprues. Much of it seems the same, but there may be some differences.

Melee combat is SO much better now, however, and this maybe be something they consider overhauling in the NCE as well. I love the general progression better of the NCE at this point in the development at N17, so if they shifted the weapons and melee rules backward, I'd probably just go back to NCE until they pull their heads out of their bums and fix the UD issues and handing out Rep, which is who's on top of the leaderboards, to gangs that are losing matches.
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