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N18 What should my friend do?


Feb 15, 2021
A friend of mine is part of a group that once Carona is over hopes to do A Necromunda Campaign but he has a question. What should he do?

He plans to use Eschers, wants to give A Wyld Runner A try, 1 of his groups custom rules that allows new recruits to start with experance and this can be done at the start of a Campaign

Juves and Prospects cost 10 Credits per 1D6+1 Experance, Gangers cost 15 Credits per 1D6 experance and Pets, Beasts, Brutes, Champions and Leaders cost 35 Credits for 1D3 Experance

My friends has decided that it would be fun to have A 200 Credit Wyld Runner with Phelynx, Flak Armour. Laspistol, Stiletto Knive and Smoke Grenades and either give her A 2nd Phelynx or have her start with 5D6+5 experance

What my friend wants to know is should he gives his Wyld Runner A 2nd Phelynx or should he have her start with 5D6+5 experance and hope he rolls enough to give her a head-start on getting The 5 Advances needed to become A Specialist. What would you suggest?
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Mar 31, 2017
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
The only thing to be wary of is that ganger with a lot of advances will bloat the rating of their gang. If you level up a ganger to a champion level, you'll have a more expensive fighter with the same stats.


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Sep 18, 2018
Halmstad, Sweden
Phelynxes are kinda crap. XP is a rare commodity. There is your answer.

JawRippa has a point about bloating the gang, but since it's not gangers we are talking about here you can choose what advancements to get, so it's less of a problem.