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Jan 19, 2019
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I'm holding off further kitbashes till I've painted some more. But wondering which kits people feel match up well? Arms to bodies as weapons can be made to fit provided the size is reasonable.
Okay, my impressions:

Orlock: Work well with GSC weapons and newer Guard sprues (the Cadian command squad was a godsend)

Delaque: Work VERY well with the GSC weapons in gloved hands, and can take some Orlock and a surprising amount of Van Saar arms. This I know from personal experience, see my Delaque with Lasguns and half my special weapons. Guard weapons work, but the arms are too thick for the spindly spooks.

Cawdor: Except Goliath and CGC, the old garbage men can (fittingly) take everything. Any disparate details only add to the tattered aesthetic they favor so much. Escher arms work surprisingly well. And actually, CGC can probably work on a Master/Blaster style Styg or simply a malformed ganger.

Escher: Can take Van Saar arms or Cawdor, if for some reason you want that. GSC shotgun arms can be made to work, but the hands are noticeably bigger. Man hands on women is a thing though, so why not?

Goliath: Can take chain axe arms from the beefy CGC dudes, beyond that they hardly fit with anything else except maybe space marine arms. I have some old Catachan arms kicking about, and those look small on Goliaths.

Van Saar: Work with nothing. They can donate parts to other gangs, but I feel their aesthetic is quite rigid, so a Van Saar with, e.g., bare arms from an Escher sprue would work proportion-wise, but look weird from a lore perspective. IMO. Edit: Oh, one thing, the Escher heads with less-outrageous hairstyle work on the female Van Saar body. I've never done that, but a friend has and it looks pretty slick.
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Jul 26, 2015
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I was looking at something on eBay:


I assume this means 'I don't want to sell to the UK'...

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Jan 2, 2018
Yeah I had a similar issue but not as insane. I messaged the seller and they said eBay only lets you list one price for international shipping and he sent me an invoice for a much lower amount.
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Jun 1, 2016
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@Troubled Child is correct. The description will probably say somewhere in it to message the seller for a shipping price/invoice. My wife does the same thing for her international items.


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Nov 22, 2011
I've just had an email and text from "FedEx" (who knows if they're legitimate communications?) asking me to immediately pay a little over £50 as an import tax for a Kickstarter that I backed last year but was delivered on Monday. FedEx's stance on their website? If you receive an email or SMS "from them" asking for payment of duty and taxes, click on the link and follow the payment process! I'm not surprised scammers are doing those kinds of emails!

I've sent them a general enquiry asking them to confirm that this is a legitimate cost against my delivery, and they've copied in their invoice team to investigate further.

Given that this was an "EU friendly" Kickstarter, I'll have to be more careful about backing things in future if I'm getting stung like this - it's not happened before, but with Brexit it'll become more common.

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Mar 8, 2019
I just picked up a bunch of 'munda books on Ebay - £80 for the hardback rulebook, GotU, all the Gang War books, Book of Judgement and Book of Peril.

It was the latter two I wanted, with BoJ going for about £25-£30 and BoP frankly unpurchasable.

The plan is to sell GotU and the rulebook off, try get £30 for them both, and maybe see if there's any interest in the Gang War books, which I doubt..


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Nov 22, 2011
It appears GW have FUBAR'd my account, or helped me FUBAR my own account.

Saw an FB post of someone having difficulty logging in. Given the recent "hacking and leaking of emails" news stories, I got concerned and tried to log in.

Turns out you now need a "My Warhammer" login - "don't worry if you have an existing games workshop account, well help you link them".

Great, okay. Create a new mywarhammer account.

Log in, reach mywarhammer.com website, see links to see my order history. Click link.

GW error page, "Oops. Let's try that again
We weren't able to log you in with that username and password. If you've recently linked your account to My Warhammer, let's try using that to sign in."

Except that that is the account I used! I can't sign in with my old GW account; signing out of mywarhammer.com lets me reach a login page when accessing GW - to log in to mywarhammer.com, which has no knowledge of my old GW account...

There's no (obvious) direction to link old accounts in mywarhammer.com; I know I had an account because of previous orders, wishlists etc.

Tread carefully, folks. I'll be trying to reach someone at GW to resolve this somehow.


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May 24, 2017
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This may be a stupid question, but is the stylized skull that seems to be the modern symbol for Necromunda the symbol of House Helmawr, the world itself, or just some of the Enforcers?