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Been having to start packing up my hobby stuff recently. The 2 year wait for the insurance to pay out and fix the subsidence has finally paid off. Seems that we will have to move out of the place for 3-6 months.

Main delay now will be finding somewhere suitable to live locally. As soon as they find somewhere we have the green light to go.

Still suffering with long covid and PTSD so trying to minimise stress by getting ahead rather than being rushed at the last minute.

So of course I'm also starting new boards for the next Mankfester meet. 🤯

Well, she’s stumbled upon the “great unspoken secret”.

Barely anyone actually plays this stuff. TBH this has been a joke with me and my mates for decades - also the prime reason I refuse to buy more books. It’s so pointless unless you’re actually using them.

I do love modelling though - ever since I got airfix kits and model railway stuff as a kid. I really enjoy the building and painting of miniatures - I even like the fluffy reasons why I build them - but I barely ever get a game in.

Thank goodness for YakMeet these days!! Though I realise that a lot of the stuff I *thought* were rules were actually house rules or tweaks added over the years. D’oh.

I also have this thing now that I spend so long painting things that I worry about damaging the paint work - but I now seem to be pathologically unable to do a simple clean paintjob and not add loads of detail work and blending etc.

It’s one of the reasons I’ve been considering 6mm historicals - quicker and simpler is better for them!!

Anyone else found the same as in Discourse’s video or is similarly too fussy when painting?
Anyone else found the same as in Discourse’s video or is similarly too fussy when painting?
I'll be honest, I had to skip along that video because man was she annoying.

BUT... I also dont find the same, I build and paint stuff so I can play with it, I have a monthly gaming session with old and new mates where we have run necromunda campaigns, fantasy campaigns and are currently playing a bfg campaign (and planing for a mordheim campaign), and in between that, have local games with mates who are nearby, usually 1 or 2 a month. The deadline imposed by those games are what create my priority list for what I'm painting/modelling next. Without the games actually being planned in, I'd not get the armies painted.
@spafe that sounds more like my 90s experience. Used to have some games (even with unpainted minis 😱) back then and I used to run some games, also DM AD&D stuff.

People moved on though, only 2 of us left from that era now.

But TBH, I’m not fussed too much as I like the painting and modelling side.

Though I did come up with a cool roleplay style mini-campaign as I was painting up my scenery this year. It’s a bit mad, would need about six players willing to commit, a fair bit of prep and a whole day at least to play. I might write it up sometime.

thats far too much shouting for one person to do or hear
That’s her style. She’s very much a ‘marmite’ YTer.
I haven’t played a game of 40k since before my 3rd son was born. That’s over 20 years. I think it was the 3rd edition box (space wolves and dark Eldar). My last Necromunda game was late 90’s. Before my 2nd son was born.
It seems like it's been hard to get many kind of games restarted post pandemic (which is odd locally since Montana very proudly threw off any semblance of following health recommendations as quickly as it could). I briefly joined an rpg group earlier in the year which led to about three games of Necromunda with some of the players, but that was a couple months ago. I definitely would be playing more if I could find folks willing to do so.
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Two practice games of 40K, one Blood Bowl game and I solo played the first scenario of the 2017 Necromunda starter box a couple of years ago. Stacked against almost 25+ years of following and buying for one to several of GW’s games at any given moment.

The pandemic broke my 40K churn. AOS broke my fantasy churn. Early in the pandemic Sump City Radio reconnected me to Necromunda which led me here. If I had regular players in my life I would be playing regularly but I don’t. The pandemic and my personality means that I probably won’t for the foreseeable future, if ever.