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Honestly we seem to be getting rather a lot of these clever AI bots at the mo. Keep an eye out everyone and I’ll delete them as and when.
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i had to talk to an AI on the phone last week.
it was quite convincing , but i asked if it was human on about the fourth question.
i was reporting my fathers death , it was quite sympathetic.
the next day i was talking face to face with a human , when i told her about his death , she said 'thats good'.
its a funny old world
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This one made me happy. Bob was a big part of the Games Workshop I was introduced to at the end of the '80s. His name seemed to be connected to everything that was happening at GW/Citadel during that time. His art was on the cover of the first paint set I bought and I know I've still got a tiny Mad Bobby Naismith wanted poster from one of the card building scenario packs hidden away somewhere. With all that I was really surprised to learn he was with the company for such a short time. Near the end end or the last third he's got some interesting things to say about what GW has become. I think he hints politely at several things we often complain about here but goes on to say in his opinion GW's success has created a space for smaller companies to survive and even flourish doing things GW can't or won't do. He's also still sculpting and if I were into 3d printing I'd probably be following his Pateron page as his current stuff looks really good.

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You did it all wrong. A moustache is needed for a villain.
See that's the thing. Moustache in and of itself says nothing. You are probably thinking of a thinner one for twirling. I can grow a moustache, and have done so, and according to others it is an impressive one. But the vibe is less Dick Dastardly and more Don Cossack.
Hobby Haul at Red Lion Convention on last weekend in my region in Germany. I also bought Last Days from Ash Barker but forgot to make a pic of it. I told Brother Vinnie the following (I am dead serious here): "You need to make more Lady D sculpts. Three are not enough!" He laughed when he heard that. Then I told him I need a command group of his Dungeon Guards for a R&F game. He promised to work on it. Then I bought three packs of Dungeon Guards and he made me a discount:

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